Of interest to some of you, maybe

I got this in the email a few minutes ago from HeartlandVapes.com

The owners of Heartland Vapes have joined forces again, this time to bring you CBD products! Hempnetix is excited to be producing CBD tincture, balm and vapes in the same labs you already know and love from Heartland Vapes. THC-free CBD products are legal according to the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill, although individual states do have certain requirements that may override that bill, so be sure to check your local laws prior to purchasing.

Our products are triple tested through Proverde, an industry leading 3rd party lab. To maintain transparency with our customers we post all test reports publicly across all our social media platforms.

Hempnetix uses only full spectrum hemp extract sourced from Colorado – 100% American grown and blended, pesticide free, heavy metal free and all natural. Don’t be fooled by some of the other products on the market that are isolates – we have multi-spectrum products that have high margins of multi-component cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN and terpene profiles!

Hempnetix is here to offer competitive pricing structure and amazing return on investment. While we have been tied up in R&D for the past few months, the wait is finally over, and we are ready for our national launch! Our Oklahoma business is already booming, and our local customers are blown away by the quality of our product and the additional revenue these amazing products has brought to vape shops.

We know you will be interested in getting started right away, so there is no MOQ on Hempnetix branded products. We also offer white labeling on our products, with a $5,000 minimum order, so that you can put the name and brand your customers already know on a product we both and stand behind.

Check out Hempnetix NOW!


Woohooo! Thanks for posting this! This must have been filtered into my promo folder so I hadn’t seen it yet. Heartland has always been reliable and fast with all my orders so this is awesome news. :smile:


Same. I’ve been using Heartland for years, never a bad experience. Once, UPS destroyed a shipment and Heartland didn’t even allow it to be delivered; it was recalled and a new one sent out without my intervention. I’m not into that stuff, never have been, but I know some of you folks are.


100% THC free? Would like to see full-spectrum. :sunglasses: