Ogre bench tests the YiHi SL Class


Great review, strange you humans don’t feel that fuzzy signal.
That looks like such a touchy joystick i’m afraid I would accidently change something then have to spend half hour trying to figure out how to change it back to the right settings. I’ll watch the price on this, might be nice to have some high end equipment some day.


LOL, That happens with this mod. The joystick thing is an interesting choice. Us Ogres don’t feel it either, go figure. Next time I need to ask you a question I’ll just use Morris Code with the fire button.


Brushed satin metal handles fingerprints nicer.

The leaf poker deck design like the back of playing cards.

Thank you Temping…


OMG, I’m in love. That’s a great looking mod Ogre, it might have some flaws but damn.
I remember I have another mod that uses joules, I think it’s the IPV4. Never got the hang of that either.
It is like what they did with food, changing calories in… joules?
Great review too, I’m off to rob a bank.


You are welcome! Thanks for the watch!


Something just told me this one would strike your fancy. I think you’re right. The IPV4 would have a YiHi chip in in it. Try not to end up as the UK’s most wanted vaper!


Nicely done again @SmilingOgre. Always love the scope time, but nice the way you worked your way around the controls, gives everyone a much better idea.


Great review @SmilingOgre (reposting this one as well :D)

Yihi menus definitely take some time to get used to. When I got my gclass I thought i can do it without RTFM, and boy was I wrong. Took me an hour to figure out how to vape on it :smiley:


Amen guys! Between the menu process and the somewhat finikey joystick, it’s something to consider for sure. Between using it and the G I can get where I want to go without too much hastel. I rarely have a perfect session usually going at least a couple of places I don’t need to be but it’s still much better than say the old DNA devices. Hold these two buttons, stand on one foot, turn your head to the south, and press a third button…