Ogre's lil Pixle


Excellent review Walt.

I’m on the hunt for a single coil 22mm atty for my Lunas. This looks like it might fit the bill. I have an Ammit MTL and a Recurve on the way. Might pick up the Pixie too if neither of those work out for flavor.

With that Firebolt cotton keep pulling it through the coil and you can get two wickings out of it with the aglet.


Thank you and thank you!!! Great hint on the cotton! Glad I could turn you on to another option. I’ve heard a lot of good things about both the Ammit and Recurve too.


Nicely done @SmilingOgre, and great way to start off 2019 !!


Another good review!

I’ve not had many 22mm RDAs. The recurve - loved it at first and perhaps if I stopped using my others at that point I still would. FYI - no good for dripping. Squonk only IMHO.

The Hadaly was what I thought was a really good single coil 22mm. Well, I only had a clone but it was terrific.

What I like about the Pixie is the design appears to concentrate the airflow. May have to keep my ear to the ground with this one.


Thank you my friend! I don’t think you could get hurt on this one.


Yep yep. I like that stuff alot!


It’s good to catch a review of something smaller form factor. Best part of that design was the notches for your coiling rod to insure proper clearance/position once it’s all put back together. At first i was sure it was too far out from the posts, but once you placed that airflow ring it was easy to see it was perfect. We need to see more of that across the board …just smart. No guesswork. Thanks for the review! I get my new Squonk tomorrow, so you’re right on time for me. Hey!? Stop being so friendly and nice on camera …you have a reputation to protect :wink:


I must not be getting all of my notifications. I sincerely apologize for not responding to this until now. Thank you chiming in! I don’t get the “nice on camera” thing either. I watch my videos and think, who the hell is that dweeb.