Ogre's obligatory review; Cosmos Plus


Love the new studio! :wink:
Loved the review even more.

Sounds like it’s really only for the ~20w MTL crowd.

Why on earth some of the companies feel the need to “over promise” on specs, when the MTL market is a perfectly legitimate target, is beyond me.

Great job as usual ogre!


Bingo! Exactly. Great synopsis of the review. I decided I would at least enjoy something about doing the review and I enjoy being out on the deck. Easiest review I’ve ever done. Plopped down the camera and plopped my ass down in a deck chair and babbled. No lighting to adjust, nothing.


2:05 describes my ex to a T. LMAO!!!

Good review for something as simplistic as this. Now let me say…I recently became kinda depressed. My little Pico X mod accidentally got exposed to some pool water whilst floating in the afternoon sun. And while vaping on a little MTL tooter isn’t my everyday thing, there are those occasions where it’s just what I need. Your kit here looks to be in line with that type of vape experience, although taller overall than I’d like. Still, I think there are plenty of folks like me who enjoy the break from the cumulus mods, and others who have MTL as their normal way to go. So this set up seems perfect for those.


Very well could be. I have not been keeping up with what is currently available for purchase and there is also the possibility that within that confine this device may compete. I could have produced a much more positive review if in effect the kit produced flavor that I could tolorate.


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@SmilingOgre sounds like we hit on some of the same points except I forgot about the taste being “somewhere between poor and very poor” OMG did I laugh MAO! Brilliant


I think we did. Not too much one can say, lol.


I can’t get enough @SmilingOgre

@1:14 “However there’s not much here”.

@3:01 “The taste on this thing varies from poor to VERY poor”.

“Excuse me I’m going to have a vape off a real mod”

Walt, I just can’t like this review enough. I think the reason you can’t work the micro buttons is because that thing is like a toothpick in your Ogre mitts. You seemed as if you might have been reluctant to receive review samples, but did, and now you’re manning up.



Thank you sir. Sincerely do appreciate you watching. This is the last vape sample that I know of coming into the Ogre swamp. If something is developed that I am truly impressed with, I will go buy it and post a review, otherwise I’m gonna pass.


i have been thinking about doing that but i just keep doing it. since i started reviewing i don’t vape the same way anymore. I mostly stick to MTL now.


I could almost feel your angst-like suffering in that review. Wondering how the Vaptio people will react if/when they see this.
(And I have no doubt you’re very concerned!) :sunglasses:


You’re very intuitive. All they have to do to get a decent review is put out a decent product. Pretty simple. In this industry there are very few that will perform to their published specs.


Thanks for the review Ogre :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice weather you’re having there!

:rofl: Ditto!


Thank you! Yes, this weekend is predicted to be gorgeous as well. Really enjoying it.


Your review is a reflection of my experiences with Vaptio products. Unfortunately, the Cosmo Plus is typical of all the smaller Vaptio kits - small buttons almost flush with the device & difficult to find when vaping. Most of the Vaptio devices that I have gotten have all been gifted & I assume eventually discarded!
I have kept their old Wall Crawler (AL85 clone) and their newer X Hubble mods - they’re decent!?! However, their attys are crap even tho a number of them use coils from other OEMs, notably SMOK & Aspire.
Thnx for a truly enjoyable & truthful review :+1:


You are most welcome. Thanks for sharing your experience as well. Just looked up the X hubble. First I’ve heard of it. Looks pretty nice.


Maybe Vaptio will send the X Hubble your way for review… in my experience, it compares very favorably with the Vaporesso Luxe, having many of the same features, specs, and aesthetic design.
I would be very interested in your opinion of the X Hubble should you get one for review!
:+1:Appreciate your time & effort in presenting the reviews. :clap:


I have a lot of respect for Vaporesso products. Must be a nice mod.