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Ogre's Pico X



Looking good here as well :slight_smile:

One day I will have to chat with you about making them videos :slight_smile:


Absolutely! I would very much enjoy that.


Thank you, always learn exactly what I need to know with your reviews. :+1:

Also have the same Mackie speakers, I know u like cranking those up! :rofl:


@adary OgreVision IS the future !!!

@SmilingOgre Have never stopped loving the vids, and you KNOW I love it when you break out the scope …


Thanks! Oh hell ya! Amazingly accurate nearfield speakers.


Thank you my friend! And I love breaking it out and seeing just what these devices are up to. Always come across a couple of surprises.


LOL sorry, didn’t mean to say didn’t like the REST, I do, but deep diving tech for the win IMO. Keep them coming Ogre, and I’ll be here with ya.


No sorry necessary. I got what you meant. Honestly, I don’t like doing reviews that don’t benefit from the scope as much. Some of these things leave me with little to say. BTW, you cracked me up with the “Ogre Vision is the Future”. I’m not sure the world is ready, lol.


Thanks for the video review!


Those little things don’t really trip my trigger so I must confess I didn’t watch the vid. But I know how capable you are doing reviews so I think I can still say Good Job! :hugs:


You are entirely welcome. My pleasure.


Thank you and I appreciate your honesty. Makes perfect sense to me. I wish TV commercials were optional, lol.


Thank you mysterious Forrest man, once again a very entertaining review. Still looking for a small mod but that’s cute, this one won’t be it, regardless I watched it as support lol.

Merry Christmas :santa::ribbon::christmas_tree::gift: :hugs:


Same here… Let me know if you find & get one.


Not a impulse buyer, so get your :coffee: ready it will be a while, but sure thing I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

One thing I should get first is a damn phone that stops auto correcting things even with it set too off :roll_eyes:


Thanks, Yea they have a mind of their own, mine reverted back to auto correct, cause I know I had it set not too. Whats going on… smh :slight_smile:


Thank you! my stormy sister! And Merry Christmas as well! May you choose wisely and your search be fruitful!