OgreVision MOTI Pod


Well done!! Michigan??? With a flavoured juice??? :joy::rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


Your a Michigander too? Didn’t know that.

I did a review on the Moti and only got 4 pod fills before the pod took a dump. I got a lot of flak from that review.

I would love to try those pods and see if I have a different experience. What do you want for the pre-filled pods? If your not gonna use them I would like to at least see if I just got a crap pod or if I was right.

Anywho, nice short review and as always I totally love your office.


From poking around for your “Vapin Wally” handle, I found your Dec, 2018 eLeaf iStick Pico X review, which provided some interesting and helpful information regarding my (very similar) Pico 25 model (and it’s TC and Bypass functionality). Refreshing to find reviews done by somebody who actually knows what they are doing


@Iv3shf, I know! Despicable me, right?

@Dan_the_Man, PM me your address. I’ll warn you, I’m slow about gettin around to shipping things but I will send them to you. Thanks on the space. That’s my DogHouse. Always in one, so this time I made one I like.

@Raven-Knightly, Appreciate the accolade. Glad you found something you can use. It’s been interesting for me to get a glimpse of the what and how these things do.


RIGHT! Poor governor…


HA, at least she lets you inside!!! My dog house is outside… even in the winter. :innocent:


Nicely done @SmilingOgre and you know I’m a fan of OgreVision !!!

Reviewing pods MIGHT be a tougher sell on ELR, where many of us rebuild, BUT, I too, use a MTL during the day mixed with my subohm’ers so was jazzed to see a review of another not cloud chucking, but very useful setup, that many will use.

“Hit like a freight train”. Love it.


Thank you my friend. I agree about the hard sell. It’s more about following through on a commitment. I’m not particularly a fan of pods either but as you noted, they can come in handy. Having nic cravings in the middle of a show really dampens things. They go much better with an occasional vape.


And THAT is why you are the right guy for the job. Great, honest review. We need MORE of that.


It’s like so many other things I can think of. I’ve had “jobs” with the same dynamics. Multiple agendas to contend with. For awhile my channel was new and gaining traction. I had quite a list of manufacturers and distributors knocking on the door. My agenda was to give an honest evaluation. Their agenda was to sell. I can’t qualify this statement but I believe that is why the stream of devices dried up. I still get an occasional PM for a review, but I don’t think I sold a lot of units. My thinking right now is to cherry pick what I like and let the others pass by. I honestly don’t think I’m missing out on much. I’m subscribed to a few full time reviewers and it’s all been pods and AIO’s. Not my forte’. You know what I like. Run the thing up on a scope and see what it’s made of. That’s my payback for a review.

Bottom line, I agree with you. We don’t need any more advertising for sure.


Well done Walt as usual


Long time no see buddy!!! Thanks for the shout! Wow, I had no idea you were on this forum as well.