Ohm meter that does not need the bottom of the tank to build a new coil

Does this exist? Everytime i build a new coil for one of my RDAs.

You guys know the story, so if someone could Invent an ohm reader that allowed you to check resistance of your build without having to take your tank to bits they would be rolling in it.

Hint, hint any inventors out there or can i buy one?

Thanks for you help :grin:

Explanation, say I’m using a standard coil, i still have juice in there, there’s nothing wrong with it or maybe it’s on its last legs or I’m just fed up with it.

I don’t wanna take it to bits empty my juice, wait for it to cool down after washing it out, surely there has to be some way to build an RDA for that tank without all the hassle.

I know there are standard sizes like 12 ect.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your RDA ready to screw in, when your standard coil finally gives up the ghost without having to use the coil base to build on?

Someone out there must have standard tank base templates that we could just screw in to our ohm meter and swap the coil as if it was standard.

What ya think?

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I have no idea what you are talking about.


Me either. OP can you 'splain that another way?


If you want to check the resistance of a coil before installation wouldn’t something like this do the trick?




The Coil Master Tab 521 has clips that you can measure your coil’s resistance without having it in your deck, is that what you’re looking for?


Unfortunately, probably not. Most electronics utilize higher resistances than vaping coils. Most meters will not measure down to .01Ω. I have been toying around with picking up an oscilloscope but I just can’t justify the cost for testing vape equipment only. I really don’t have any other application now that I’m retired. It would be a hoot however to see the actual firing signal of a mod across a coil.


Thank you so much to everyone that replied and for your suggestions and comments.

@TheTinMan1 I do have a multi meter and know how to read the resistance of coils with that, although thank you :blush:

@VapeyMama that may do the trick, although I was hoping that a kind of base may exist.

@louiesquared @jimmyd @Saxon2

Lol to be completely honest, I don’t know what I’m going on about either…

I made up this device in my mind with absolutely no hallucinogens and it was a Universal base with a 510 screw in connector like on the bottom of all or most tanks…

This would screw into your Ohm reader, then it would have different attachments for different sized coils like a 12mm screw in for Triton 2/ Melo/ Fury Tank 2 etc.

Then have more attachments for different sized coil bases, as there can’t be more than 5.

You could then screw your RDA into this do your build, dry burn if needed, make sure your Ohm meter was reading ohms as expected then wick and assemble your RDA as if it was a shop purchased standard coil all ready for screwing into the tank of your choice.

While this was all happening you are then still able to vape on and use that tank without having to take the tank apart first just so you can use the base to do a build.

The only other way is have two of each tanks, as I have 2 Smok Big Baby Beasts.

Though having another 12 or so tanks makes this in uneconomically viable.

And if a device like this did exist, you would have a home made coil ready to go into your tank when needed :grinning:

@Walt3 thank you for that interesting info.

If I had a design team and a shed load of dosh, I would start the project, I’m betting it would be a great seller.

Thank you all :grinning:



I still don’t get it. I build from memory. 28/32 Clapton will get me 0.42 with same wraps and diameter I always do. You can always use a regulated mod to check your ohms, provided it has protections in place. Or do you mean strictly building for a mech?

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@Amberina :grinning:

No nothing to do with coil Ohm readings, it would be for making coil builds without the need of the tank base.

One step on from coil building, a ready made RDA ready to go into your tank without having to use the tank base.

As maybe your coil is currently still good, although you can sense or taste it’s on its last legs.

Then instead of taking your tank apart and building on the base, you’ve essentially already done it, so all you would need to do is screw your coil in and go :+1:

I hope that makes sense, its starting to confuse me now :joy:

aha i finally get it!!! he is talking about the RBA units that would often go in tanks that also fit stock coils.

For example, he wants to build say the RBA deck of a protank 4 and check the ohms on that. Outside of the tank base. The problem in communication, I think occurred as you were calling it a RDA, technically your talking about the RBA. Small difference in letters but a big difference in practicalities.

I think the market will be small for that @Shane18 as you can see many did not understand your request. I see a lot of users here using RTA’s so that I would think is where the market and there is a smaller section utilising RBA’s like yourself. Hence probably not the demand.

The only idea is to buy a spare tank and use the base as a ohm reader adapter so to speak. You’ll also have spares. The pros and cons of vaping.

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Yah thank you @Volition spot on my apologies for the confusion everyone, I kinda use RDA, RBA, RTA interchangeably :grinning:

But thank you for clearing this up, what you said is exactly right.

And from your reply, I see now that no one or a very small amount or vapers would have a use for such a device.

Lucky I never started it.

OK don’t use illegal drugs people :pig:

They do help to understand the meaning of life and the infinity of the universe, although when it comes to coils your gonna get burned, especially if you choose the middle one of three when there’s only one there.

Thanks again @Volition :+1:


Simple spring loaded posts would be ideal for this, the springs would need to be pretty strong though but you could just lift the pin slide the coil in and your done…

I used the Tab 521 the other day and used the goon RDA base, I don’t think it was the best choice due to its double screws

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Hello @Grubby

That sounds like a great idea without too much cash layout, I’ve got a coil master 521 mini.

Be great if you could elaborate a bit on the setup.

Thanks :smile:

Now I get it. Not exactly what you are describing but certain brands sell the individual tank components seperately. You can check with Smok to see if they offer just the base. TAdd that to an extra RBA coil and you can build it outside the tank while still vaping the tank.


@louiesquared no worries as mentioned I don’t really know what I was going on about, mushrooms lead to ideas, although I don’t have none so… lol :joy:

Good idea though, but…

I have tried speaking to Smok, they do good stuff though once purchased, they don’t really wanna know.

I got a G-Priv kit with Big Baby Beast and the AFC would not turn, I asked them and asked, but they were non compliant.

So I bought another Big Baby Beast as just the tank as you get the RBA & special glass plus another two coils.

Then I took the non working AFC round my parents and stuck the bottom of it in a vice, then forced the AFC anti clockwise twice and now it’s spot on and works great.

I am still glad I got the BBB separately though as even though the RBA is the same as the one from the Baby Beast the glass is different and another tenner on the RBA plus the glass for a fiver, and two free coils, plus the tank, now I have two and just had to get the TFV12 RBA edition, yah :grinning:

So even though a great idea, speaking to Smok is like talking to a brick wall.

Thank you, appreciated.