Ohm meters

as i venture into the world of rta/rda im starting to think having one of these ohm meters to build on would be smart to have , they range from 20 to 100 dollars anyone have a suggestion Vape NW has a kit on sale for 40 plus 20pct off but im not sure if the ohm meter is just a cheap one

521 coil tab master. I like it. Works well for me.


I think @ozo has a few different kinds he talks about was looking for the thread. @Chrispdx I think that ones pretty popular !

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yes ive heard of that one and ciuldnt think of it , ive been using my rx200 to install the coils and its a pain plus im not sure how accurate lol

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i did research it and it does seem like the one @Chrispdx mentioned seems to be popular so b4 buying im just hoping to get a couple yay or nays from you guys this is a very new part of vaping for me i buy my coils but am thinking of trying to make them soon but time to make juice is very scarce for me so adding another thing will take away from that i may still buy for awhile until i learn how to install and wick premade ones better

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I feel ya I just started building my own over the summer everyone was super helpful as always. @Pro_Vapes has a thread where he says he loves that ohm meter too.

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Lightning Vapes

USE CODE: BlackFriday


thank you is that a domestic company ???

US based company.


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That’s what I use, it does the job perfectly and it’s accurate. Only uses 2 AA batteries also. I don’t feel the need for anything else.

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hmmm ty where would i get one in the U.S.A i wont go through fasttech

I ordered this the other day as a back up for mine. Not sure it’s the version 2 model but for 10 bucks why not. Never ordered from this vendor before but the email communications have been good so far.



so its pretty safe to say the coil master is the one most use

That’s all i use. Sturdy and safe. Just make sure to cover the 2 holes with tape or rubber plug so no bits of wire fall in short it. Uncle @ozo taught me that.


That coil master looks like a great deal

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lol rob62 texted me about those holes

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this is way better than the 521 tab. this is the original and coilmaster cloned it. i have had two 521’s from coil master and both have broken within six months they are junk imo. click on the pic and it will take you to http://www.thefridaymorning.com/ they have a few selections depending on what you want to do, but they are better built ( i opened it and the 521 )

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