Ohm reading on device

I’m using a profile RDA with the ofrf 1.3 mesh coils on a topside squonk, and every time I install a new coil I get mixed readings. Sometimes it says .12, .11, .14 and it takes a bit of redoing the screws to get it to say .13. Is it safe to use if its reading slightly lower or slightly higher?


Coils and mods may deviate on readings. Always make sure your post screws are snug and the 510 pin as well. Sometimes the pin cn loosen up in time and effect the reading . Your numbers are in the range of what they say they are supposed to be at.


There’s several things that can come into play in what you describe.

Coil length (which includes the legs, and where they exactly touch the connection points) will affect results/readings. Especially if you are ‘sweating’ 0.01-0.02 increments!

Even impurities within the metal itself could be reflected (in measurements at this level of inspection).

Remember, you’re looking at hundredths of an ohm. And you’re measuring things with a $2-$6 chip at best (in most cases), and that’s just the single component. Not all the rest of the cheaper stuff in that portion of the circuit.
It’s not like theyre using a $400+ Fluke or HP etc piece of calibrated test equipment in the monitoring process. :wink:

Though there are some things you can do to help ensure that you get a more stable reading and connection.

  • Make sure that you’re fully tightening down the screws (hex, Phillips, or slotted) that secure your coil legs to the atty. I’ve gotten “reading drift” and as a result, performance issues in the past if one or both of the screws are not fully cinched down.
    Do not over tighten though, as you don’t want to strip things!

  • Make sure that your connection points are dry and clean (when you are doing a fresh build)! This means not only the 510 on the mod, but the 510 on the atty, and the area where you install the coil legs is free and clear of coil remnants. Old leg clippings, or perhaps an area where a Clapton might have started to unwrap could get stuck in the channel and alter readings.

  • Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about it (as an end user). It may be a design flaw (generally speaking, not blaming the Topside), be it in the circuit, or in the way that the mod/atty was manufactured.

At any rate, do the things you can (what should become ‘best practices’ over time), and outside of that, just make the slight adjustments as needed (raise/lower the power/temperature on the mod) to compensate for any variance in your vaping experience.

Try not to stress too much. Small variations are not uncommon.


thanks for the info


temperature also affects the reading.
don’t forget to cool the coil to room temperature before re-reading it.


Is it so important to have this kind of precision? I don’t know much about coils with such a low resistance but i doubt you could ever get a precise reading down to the hundredth of an ohm.
Consider temperature, device type and the whole length of the circuit you’re measuring including 510 connector and the contacts of the coils.
I think the most reliable way to check would be to use the same device every time and make sure all connector contacts are clean.
If the value is drifting a lot with use / temperature and you get inconsistent results you could try locking the resistance but I have not tried this myself.


It’s good to see you around again.


Same RDA and same coils. +/- .02 are within specs. Mine are generally within .01. I don’t fiddle with em… just shape, screw, and vape. I haven’t had any issues yet.


Yep what he said :


Exactly that. As I was new to vaping these things stressed me out way too much. At some point the smallest difference would make me scared.

I wouldnt use mods anymore, or specific atomizers, because i was afraid they blow up.

Its different now, sure im still worried at times, and i always stay within the “safe” ranges but back in the day, i probably would have gotten a panic attack.

Today for example, i took my kylin mini and rebuilt it. Screwed it on the joyetech espion solo, it reads 0.56 ohms. Took the same tank and placed it on my smoant i forgot the name of that thing lol and it reads 0.53 ohms. Then placed it on the agis legend and it reads at 0.50. Now its on my paranormal 250c and it reads at 0.48 ohms.

I believe my dna over my other mods and just say that these other mods sucked anyways, but point is, this is not a small difference. I havent changed a thing during the process aka fired it or took out wire etc. My screws are all fine and what not. It should be concerning, but to be honest im not worried lol.

All mods cheap or expensive chips are regulated and have a protection. Do i know why theres such difference? Nope but i can tell you, that its not user error, however none of the mods protections kicked in, meaning i could vape it on either one and be fine :wink:

Just follow his advice, might stress you out less :wink: