Oils in concentrates

Hi guys,

So Cup Cake World state on their website that all their lemon concentrates contain oil and that oil-containing concentrates should be avoided by vapers.
Is this true?
Has anyone seen any publications with any evidence for this?

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Is it true. Yea. Especially if you are going for the safetest possible vape.


I’m no expert on medical stuff but I’ve heard that our lungs do not expel oil. So any oil going into your lungs never comes out.


Cool. Cleaned up CCW a bit and added warnings :slight_smile:


I did not know that. Very good information to know.


I am also not in the medical profession, but I believe this is commonly referred to as lipid pneumonia. If memory serves me correctly it can happen to folks who scuba dive. The atmospheric pressure can cause oils to vaporize and enter the divers respiratory system causing this condition. Basically its an inflammation of the spongy tissue of the lung caused by inhalation of oil droplets into the alveoli. Reducing the efficiency of the individuals respiratory system thereby blocking the intake and exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.Resulting in acute respiratory infection &/or pneumonia.


Sounds like you ARE a medical professional Mark! :laughing:

I get that oil would effectively block up the lungs but I don’t see how it could be worse than smoking. What do you think? (Any medical experts can shed extra light on this topic)

Also if ALL CCW lemon-containing flavours have oil in does this mean that ALL flavour companies use oil in lemon flavourings? I can’t believe that companies like Flavor Art and Liquid Barn that specialise in the vape market would use oils if they weren’t considered ‘healthy’.


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