oK...I'm hooked line and sunk ... new flavs

Hi All…
Just been shopping on Nic River and after 57 USD, which works out to about 75 CAD (Canadian) I am patiently waiting…not.

(FA) Forest Fruit
’’ Nonna Cake
’’ Bilberry
’’ Caramel
’’ RY4
’’ Fresh Cream
’’ Cuban Supreme

TFA Vanilla Swirl
’’ Meringue
’’ Strawberry Ripe
’’ Cheesecake Graham Crust
’’ Tiramisu
’’ Toasted Marshmallow
’’ Dragon Fruit
’’ Bavarian Cream

Cap Vanilla Custard V1

Ordered a few 60ml gorilla bottles and about 10 blue and tan Boston bottles …I’m in lol all in. Here we go, vape some tabacco, vape some coffee, and vape some cake. Can it get any better, plus no smokey smell or callories. win win in my opinion.

I sure hope I didn’t miss anything…not a big fan of strawberry but it seems like everyone is raving on this so I will give it a go.


Did you get your order?How did that work going through customs? I’m also Canadian and I want to order from Nic River but a little scared if the boarder goons :slight_smile:

I received that order but I kept it under 100 dollars. I think that order was $86. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for my latest order from Nic River. It’s sitting near Toronto in clearance delay and it keeps getting moved a week ahead every time the date on tracking says it will be delivered. That order was for 117

I ordered 4 litres of VG and parcel weighs 13lbs. So keep it to just flavours and under 100 you will be ok. I had no problems with $80 order from real flavors.

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Good to know. I just want a place to buy the best possible nic I can find. If I was sure I could get it in Canada I wouldn’t bother trying to get it across the boarder. Were you charged GST on the first order before it cleared customs?

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Order your nic which IMO is great from the Broke Vaper. It’s outside if Toronto. 15 buck shipping. Great pure clear nic

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Keep all orders under 100 dollars. It will arrive in a week

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I wouldn’t advise nic purchase from US. Customs will be all over that. Buy Canadian. The Broke Vaper. Will ship fast. I used site before and is very fast and great guy IMO

You rock \m/. Thanks for the info. I’m going to check out The Broke Vaper right now. I still want to support Nic River because I think he’s doing things right, not just trying to collect as much cash as possible. Thanks again I’m hooked on mixing now too. Peace love and happy vaping :slight_smile:

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Hey diezel thanks for the info.
I will def be getting some nice from them.
Ive been getting Nicselect from Happy vaper and its good but broke vapors prices are better and its tbe same brand so i assume same quality.

HAPPY VAPER= 250$ 1liter 100mg
Broke Vapor = 110$ 1 liter 100mg
Just a cpl question
Is it clear or turning yellow
Pepper or no
How are their bases

@Kronix I keep nic in freezer and only bought a small amount. It’s 3 months old and clear as clear can be. I only mix at 2-3mg and taste no pepper or funny tastes. The broke vaper ships real fast. I too buy flavours from Nic River. Back to nic, you will only have a peppery throat hit if you use too much nic and pg also contributes to this as well. I mix all my stuff with no pg now and on occasion 10%max.
Bases are either pg or VG

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@Seanrus as for GST, on 117 dollar order I paid no duty or tax … wow. If you buy a lot fro Nic River, keep order to under 100 and you should have no hold ups with customs.

Ok for every one in Canada … I had to pay 46 dollars for entrance into Canada for Vg at a gallon or 4 litres. keep all your purchases under 100 dollars. I have a new shipment coming from Nic River for 95 dollars …we will see if it is screwed. Big shipment of VG was shipped due to weight by Fed Ex. If it is shipped via USPS I think we ok in Canada. I will keep you informed. For PG and VG and nic I will recommend The Broke Vaper . I found to be the cheapest Canadian source around. I hope this helps my fellow Canadians…

My 14 dollar for a gallon of Vg turned into fricken huge money… 14 plus 46 and 30 shipping equals … I just got fucked …period

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I hope this helps my fellow Canadian Vape people.

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