OK Kids Need a little help

Within the last week we were talking about the flavor joy by FA. We tossed around an idea about hard apple cider. I did an off the cuff idea for a recipe for it and thought I had copied it into a file, but apparently not. Here’s where the help comes in. I’m not sure who I was chatting with or the exact day it happened. Iffn any of you remember such a conversation or was smart enough to save the recipe Idea, I’d be very grateful to get it.

Guess I spend too much time here and frankly I’ll talk to anyone, I just like to talk to you wonderful peeps.

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Hard Apple Cider sounds awesome, do you remember any ingredients?

TPA Green Apple
FA Joy
Maybe TPA bourbon in a microscopic amount. Just enough to leave that boozy aftertaste when you vape it I think a few more and that’s where the problem is. Booze Wench might have been in on the discussion but I’m not sure. I was gonna PM her in a few minutes.

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Found it in flavors. thanks anyway.

Oh yeah I guess I didn’t come up with one I had an idea about the existing one. I don’t to try and take the credit when it’s not due.

Yep it was me… But I see you already found it. :wink:

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