Ok let's try a challenge let's make a cereal without a cereal flavoring

My boy challenged me to create a cereal vape without using a cereal flavoring. I got a few attempts steeping . Let me know what you can come up with


I’m working on one myself. What do you have so far?

Fruity Pebbles “The Remix”

1% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
0.75% Cream Fresh (FA)
0.6% Frosting (Flavorah)
0.8% Graham Cracker (SC) (Real Flavors)
2% Lemon Lime (CAP)
0.5% Liquid Stevia (Pyure)
0.08% Orange (MF)
2% Orange Cream (TPA)
1.2% Strawberry (SC) (Real Flavors)
1.25% Sweet Cream (CAP)

Flavor total: 10.18%

Please keep in mind this is a WIP and I’m not completely sure of the outcome because it’s only 1 day old.


I know I’ve plugged mine many times, but still relevant :slight_smile:


I forgot you had this one already. I took my profile from NCM’s Pebbles, but looking at yours it seems he followed your profile, but he used more common flavors.


My Grey Days http://tjek.nu/r/2BLQ recipe is similar in that it uses Earl Grey Tea ( yours uses Bergamot ) as the main component that makes you think about cereal w/o it having a cereal in it at all. Along w/ the help of the FA Orange and all it’s candish sweetness and then of ocurse biscuit for the actual cereal.

This one has Cereal 27 in it but that could easily be subbed out and biscuit / cookie placed there. http://tjek.nu/r/7GFe

Fruity pebbles w/o the milk http://tjek.nu/r/4t8M


That’s awsome you guys are so far out ahead of me. Seems meringue is across most recipes. I’ll try that with some cookie maybe custard for light lemon note. Hmmmf what for cherry


This is excellent! I worked on this for a while and vaped a ton when I got it right. If you really don’t like AP you don’t really need to put it in there.

I have a private recipe I use when I want a cereal and it has no cereal flavorings,

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What does wip mean

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Work In Progress

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