OK, what's the REAL DEAL with Stainless Steel Wire?

I have searched, and searched, and I’ve found bits and pieces about SS, but no real, “This is why it’s the best”, or “I started using SS because …”.

I’m don’t TC, I just like WATTS and a GO button, so I’m easy to please (that’s what SHE said…). Always used Kanthal, never needed to change, but was wondering if any SS’heads here could break down the allure of SS to me.


If you dont use TC and Kanthal works fine for you there is really no reason to change. It does have a lower resistance so that can be a benefit for some but so does Nichrome. Stainless has a higher TCR so resistance is not as stable as Kanthal or Nichrome. That is what makes it work for TC but it can be a little less consistent in wattage mode as the resistance rises. Other than TC the benefits are that it tastes cleaner to some people,(Including me) and can be dry burned.


Do you make any coils? My issue when making coils with SS is that it is springy. Nichrome and kanthal are a ton easier to work with. Does annealing take the springiness out?


I prefer ss over kanthal and nichrome, those are what I’ve tried. SS does seem to get dirty faster than the others, imo, but the flavor does seem way better to me. It is a little more difficult to work w/, but it’s not unworkable. Since changing to ss about 6 mo ago, I’ll never go back to the others


Yes, it helps but I guess I just got used to the springiness of 316L and it doesn’t really bother me any more. I also use 304 for most of my coil builds as the TCR is higher than 316L. 304 is stiffer than 316l.


Another thing, there seems to be a light metallic taste I got from the kanthal that I never even realized was there, until I started using the ss.


Very interesting guys, and I do appreciate the fast response. I won’t admit to being into dealing with a springy mess, but maybe worth a shot just to see, maybe do an A/B comparison with same tank, same juice, different wire SS vs. Kanthal.


@louiesquared Since we’re vaping (possibly some of the metal ??), higher quality is a must here ??

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Not sure what you mean here.


I may I have drifted your topic off a little. You and I vape similar. I don’t use TC much at all.

For wattage mode kanthal and Nichrome are my go to wires. To me the nichrome is cleaner tasting but dry burning leaves a bit of residue that makes me uncomfortable and it is hard for me to get into my range ohm wise that I like to vape.

SS has a clean taste too but the low resistance and springiness keeps me going back to kanthal.


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Louie, I was assuming the higher quality wire i.e. more pure, would be best, and/or safest.

TinMan I love a damn clean taste though, hehe, and I’d be willing to put up with a smidge of springiness if that was all I had to do to get it.



Oh, just in case you guys DIDN’T notice it. Yes, I surely could have spent a few hours, blowing up Google reading all there is to know about different wire types, and I have to a small degree, but honestly, I trust you guys more than some random troll/tard named VapeMyAssOff69 on some random site telling me about wire, and wire type safety, etc.


For me 316L SS has the cleanest taste .


Have you tried 304? If so can you taste a difference? I cant tell the difference in taste between the two but I definitely can tell a difference between SS and Kanthal.


are you talking about pulsing ?? if kanthal cant be dry burned how could one tell if its heating up properly ?


304 is a lower grade of SS 316L is used for food grade and bio pharma.
The L stands for Low carbon


Never said that Kanthal can’t be dry burned. I was referring to the fact that SS is the only TC wire that can be dry burned and therefore is suitable for wattage mode.


whats up rob how you been


ok i was just asking, im a dee dee dee when it comes to wires


Good back to work now bending 316L SS tubing working lots of over time