OK Who Flipped the bad luck switch

This weekend has not turned out like I wanted it to. Yesterday morning I was watering my potted plants that I have on my patio, got my foot hung up in the hose and fell. Skinned the heck out of my knee and I think recracked my ribs. This morning I got bit by a spider I think, anyway. Something bit me that’s for sure. My foot burns like it’s on fire and my leg aches to the knee. We’re keeping an eye on it per the Dr. If anything happens then straight to the hospital.


Dang dude! :frowning: So sorry. I hope the bite isn’t serious.


holy moly :worried: rest up and feel better!


Dang That is bad luck
Hope it wasn’t a bad spider bite my friend had Brown recluse bite was terrible his leg still looks like it was burned with hot grease 5 years later
Be careful hope things get better


:frowning: sadface x10


Ya, gotta be careful these days…the critters have been sprayed with chemicals and been eating GMO’s so long, and they are tired of mankind ruining the environment…they are taking their planet back over.

Caught this one in the herb garden last night…

My Grandpa used to hunt these in the garden before Grandma would pick tomatoes…


sorry for your luck , i guess the positive side to it , is that today could only get better , rest up my friend


Ouch that is very bad luck… the ache up to you knee from a possible spider bite is alarming thats not a common house spider bite for sure as those would only be at the actual site of the bite… hope your okay… take it easy and keep a very close watch (your braver than me id be at the hospital already) .

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Sorry about that man, I just fell over and must have hit the switch trying to brake my fall. I flipped it back to good luck again straight after I read this. Hope you’re all right and watch out for :spider:s

That looks seriously poisonous to me!


It was most likely a silver garden spider supposedly not too bad, I beg to differ. Bite area bright red, burns like liquid fire. Every joint in my body is stiff and hurts like hell. And after falling the day before it just really sucked bug time.

Oh yeah and then the chairs in the ER I though they were gonna kill me.

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I don’t think we have critters in this country that cause that much damage. I’ve got a squatter in my garden but she’s harmless. The funny thing is that in Dutch a Tarantula is called a Vogelspin, the literal translation of that is Birdspider :grinning:


Ugh, that sucks. Feel better soon!!

Holy Sheee…! That is stuff of nightmares! Damn…

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Wow. You musta pissed something off. Hope you feel better soon.
I’m sorry this happened to ya, but at least you aren’t this guy:

Remember him?

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Yeah right you caught a giant centipede in your herb Garden… where the heck do you live lol