Okay so I took the red pill. And it really was red

A year ago I’d you told me I would have over 20 flavors I enjoy vaping I would have said your full of @$#& . But today I have over 20 flavors I enjoy vaping and looking forward to many more to come.

So how did I get my hands on the red pill you ask . It all started one April morning . I got up got ready for work , my 2 yo kicked me out of the house as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. Loaded the tool I needed onto the truck and went to work . Had to trim out some French doors at work that morning. No big deal… except I was working with an idiot… how big of an idiot I was soon to learn. First two doors went in without a hitch and got trimmed out no problem. Thou had to keep telling the idiot to stop trying to pull the wood thru the table saw…

Well we get to the third door seems like he’s finally listening . And letting me control the wood . Well so I thought . Stop to adjust my hand so I can finish the cut. Guess what the idiot did.

Yep you guessed it he pulled the wood thru the table saw along with my hand… when my hand heals I’m going to punch him, but hand still not fully healed. Well I look at my had yep gonna need to go to hospital. Told him to load my tools on the truck. Called my wife and met her on the way to hospital…

Needless to say hospital saw me right away… prepping me for surgery until they found out I didn’t have insurance, just Medicaid… they bandaged me up and back to work I went.

Well that door wasn’t going to get the best of me. It got installed that day. In the process bandage hospital did come off my hand . So after work back to the hospital I went. As I was leaving a ran across another Vapes who was rather rude with his vaping. Literally took a nice big hit off his vape and literally blew it in my face as I was walking by.

Well it did smell good and I wanted to know were he got the flavor from so I forgave his rudeness and asked him what flavor that was and were he got it from

He told me it was watermelon and he made it himself

I asked him were he got his stuff from, since I had been looking into it but so many site and so many prices

He told he orders from several sites and liquid barn is were he got started.

And he also told me about e liquid recipes…

And as they say from that day one it was all down hill in the rabbit hole.

So I will take this time to thank the mysterious stranger standing out side Warner Robins hospital for giving me the red pill.

And thank everyone on elr for all their opinions, recipes, and information.

Now let’s all go deeper down the rabbit whole the journey is just begining


TL;DR (10 characters bullshit)

Nope not bull,

true story of how that day went.

Both the best day and worst day of my life


Hows your hand? I think it sucks that a hospital turned you away because of your insurance.


It’s healed up but still healing . Still can’t make a fist to punch someone. Pointer finger. Won’t bend all the way.
Can’t realy pick up small screws with my thumb and finger.

But is getting better with time…
Still got scar tissue on my thumb and finger. That’s one big freaking nerve. Sucks when I hit it just right


It’s good that you took the red pill. The blue one is Nyquil…Unless you want to end nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can rest, you don’t really need that.




Damn can u tell i’m in a bad mood?


Nope not at all!


Like the bat but lacks that personal touch


You could carve your name in it then all the bruises would be signed - that would make it a little more personal


You know, I really like that idea!


oh yeah, sorry forgot the personal touch…


who would have thought it is actually a thing

would need to get a mirror image for full effect


I think a bat definitely says you care!


Hold still, I’m looking for the “YOUR NAME HERE” imprint in the mellon.


Shea Butter mixed with tea tree oil has been known to heal scar tissue a little faster.

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I think @Joel was referring to the 10 character requirement in a post as bullshit and not your story.

That totally sucks, luckily it’s not a requirement to almost lose a hand before you get into vaping :wink:


I started with 10 flavors at 164 now


But you only actually use 10 on a regular basis right? LOL