Old mixer, hoping to be one of the "cool kids"

I don’t know how to approach this but I think some folks will be able to relate and can hopefully help me.
I’ve been on and off an ardent contributor to this forum, and began my vape journey many years ago (like 5?), and have really enjoyed mixing and vaping and have had a lot of success procuring recipes that I enjoy, often helping the “newbies” avoid the pitfalls I fell into; starting out and buying every flavor that they can get their hands on and building a flavor stash that numbers in the 4 to 5 hundred flavors, only to find that, once I find myself enjoying 10 or 12 winning recipes and some “not so much”, there are maybe 100 flavors that I really need, which have made their way to the front of all my sorted flavorings brands drawers, and a gargantuon number of flavorings that I’ve never used, gathering dust. (What the hell is “Pink Lady”?)
And now, 4 or 5 years later, with a “more than impressive flavor stash”, my “go to” flavors like LB Vanilla Ice cream or CAP vanilla custard are new bottles, but my other flavors are not only antiquated, but the ones I dont use are old and stale.
So now when I hit “what can I make”, I get recipes that I have the ingredients to make, but when I do, half the ingredients in my stash are dog shit and the recipe tastes like shite.
I went on an “all flavorah” search about a year ago, and spent a couple nights “using up” my unused Flavorah extracts, using recipes from TOC and a certain smoky flavorah afficianado, and others, and all the recipes tasted like dirty diapers. On top of that, I go to the forums and find new recipes, and click on “you are missing ingredients”, and click on it and I don’t have a SINGLE extract in the recipe.
It’s all vape train and SSA and all these new and exciting extract companies that I am unfamiliar with, and I am feeling like the boy at the high school dance who is wearing clothes from the Gap (Capella and TPA), and though I know how to bust a move, no one will dance with me.
Okay enough whining.
I am going to go through the ardous process of CHUCKING my old flavors (that cost in the thousand dollar range), and as a more experienced mixer, pick up the new fun extracts that the “cool kids” are using.
This time I want to order based on tried and true recipes, beyond those that I already have.
I’m hoping that the majority of those flavors are available through Bull City Flavors, as it is no secret that I love their way of doing business, but if there is another supplier who can provide flavors they don’t carry, I am open for recommendations.
Can I ask a favor?
Could you cool kids post your two favorite “This can’t miss” recipes, reccomendations where to get the flavors, and the extracts you feel you cant live without?
I need to update my flavor stash, and it’s going to be expensive, but I want to do it right this time.


Can’t help you here mate. I am definitely NOT one of the “cool kids”!

I mainly use the older style flavours and can’t be bothered having to find and purchase all these new ones. My stash is currently at 82 and decreasing rapidly as I go through all those “that sounds tasty” flavours that I will never replace.

Good luck though, I like watching how others create. :+1: :smiley:


Im at the same spot you are. Im going through everything and mixing batches of stuff i wont buy again to get rid of them. I have stuff i have giving up on and moved on from. Just going to go to about 15 recipes and just mix those to rotate. I got a list that i will keep using and im buying 100ml bottles of those. Found a few at a place that are on clearance and the bbd are usually 2-3 years before they go out


I’m not a “mixer” by a long shot. Never have been. I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole and followed people’s advice on what to buy a long time ago and stopped doing it due to having way more flavors than I needed or used, and been out a lot of money that I could be using for things that I could have way more fun with.

I’ve made juices for people that have asked me to make them something in particular and spent a lot doing so, only to practically give the finished juice away (I have a hard time charging for something so simple to make).

Never been much of a follower, but found myself doing so and ended up with a lot of “not much” to show for it. I’m not knocking it. I’m sure it works quite well for a lot of people. These days, I’m mixing solely for myself. I know which profiles I prefer and stick with those. If someone asks for something that I already make for myself, I’ll gladly share a bottle or two. If not, I direct them here and wish them luck.

IMO, I’d say find what your favorite profile is, and expand on it. Don’t worry about what the latest and greatest is. Try things one bottle at a time. If you like it, stay with it and if you don’t, you’re not risking a butt load of money on something that’s just going to take up room on your shelf.
Doesn’t work for everyone, but like I said, it’s just my opinion. I’m frequently wrong. Just ask anyone whom I’ve dated/married :laughing:


Yeah, same here. That goes for gear too. How many devices can you vape at the same time?
All of that just to have the latest thing. The latest thing usually did the same as the old one. :smirk:


Yup literally i spent a lot making for someone and then they decided to go to pods now stuck with stuff i dont or want too mix up and vape. Constantly wanting something new or something different. Wish i charged them twice as much as i did but i lost money in the deal


Likewise. I still have a bottle of some honey concoction I mixed at someone’s request. He never bothered to pick it up.
Not to mention the stuff I gave away for free to get them to vape. It was broken in no time.
It was free wasn’t it? :woman_shrugging:
I’m just looking after me now.


True that!!!


I have been down all of those roads. I used to make e liquids for my son and his friends and even though I did charge them for the finished products once they stopped placing orders I was left with a lot of large bottles of select flavors. Luckily the flavors I made for them were good recipes that I myself can vape if needed. Mostly Strawberry Kiwi Yogurt. DIY can be a rewarding and fun hobby, but first and foremost it’s about mixing good e liquids for yourself, even if you only mix other people’s recipes.


@Josephine_van_Rijn I surely thought I could vape at least 9 devices at once and now you say I can’t?! :scream::crazy_face: lol, what then am I going to do with the other 20 I own?! 🫨


What, you only have 29? :astonished: :flushed:


Sorry Johnny, I’m no cool kid either :grimacing: I have primarily mixed with FA since starting. Only just ordered a bunch of the “old favourites” that I’ve found through trolling the ratings on the recipe side.
I don’t even know if they’ll be what I’m looking for :grin: :woman_shrugging:


@Josephine_van_Rijn yes but as we all know, there are more just waiting to be bought… :crazy_face:


Sorry, another OG here. Vaping since 2010. Still vaping my REO with my own version of Fire & Ice.

I went a little overboard with flavors after Vaporbomb went out of business, but I still love that cinnamon, and the rest are sitting. :woman_shrugging:t2:


How do you store your flaves

You have always been one of the cool kids…I.dont mix other mixers recipes much anymore unless its something Ive been workimg on and want to see how their version was.

Lots of things are over hyped especially flavors. Watch the new WF release …People will pump the flavors up then after a month or 2 you wont see the flavors used much. Lots of good newer flaves the last 2 or 3 years , lots of different opinions. Good luck


Interesting. What nearly everyone is saying is "Cool your jets, keep doing what you’re doing now that you know that you never use 90% of your flavor stash.
I can deal with that.