OMG, that is freakin' horrible!

What flavors can you absolutely not stand or will not mix with?

I remember back when I smoked the occasional cigar and every once in a while I would get myself one of those big, green STANKEY cigars, and the smell and taste of them is what Unicorn Vomit (FW) reminded me of, not because it was similar, but to me it had that ‘on the verge of being nauseated as a result of’ taste and smell. It hit the trash as I didn’t think I could stoop low enough to pawn it off to someone else! :nauseated_face:

I also hate Joy just because it reminds me of a flat beer with a pancake floating in it. Also nasty, and I now have neither in my stash explicitly! :wink:


Dagnabbit! I’m going to have to figure out what the hell is wrong with my navigational and search proficiency in this forum!!! I’m usually very effective in my searches so I don’t understand why I appear to be struggling here. Thanks for the referral @Pro_Vapes, much appreciated! :+1:


It can be tough to find the right thread to post in tho a lot dont even bother to look and start yet another, look how many FDA posts there are.


Haha…careful. @Pro_Vapes is more vigilant on message topics than I am on flavor names! :nerd_face:


It would be a bitch to find info w/o reading dozens of posts on the same topic w/o searching for them, having others point out similar and having merges.