Once upon a time we were DJs

Thanks for splitting topics Lars :grin:

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I use to DJ myself. I still spin every now and then. Except now it’s on my pc with my 40000 mp3s.I use this Virtual DJ software.


A super mash up I made a while back. Everyone remembers this classic. Hip hop style with a splash of reggae.


Boom cha boom cha wickie wickie smear smear :wave:


OMG…invasion of the 80’s. Everyone hide.


lol! For the most part I can’t stand 80s music…yeah I said it, let the yelling commence! idk why but it always drove me crazy-
No offense to anyone of course cause I know it is a much loved era for lots


You redeemed yourself lil brother. I was packing my bags.


I was born in 1980 and unfortunately I had a sister 8 years older than me which meant, Madonna, A-Ha, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, BROSS God the list goes on and on.

My dad however was the man responsible for my love of the Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, Pink Floyd.

I didn’t begin DJ’ing until I was 17 and at that time a style of music known now as Donk back then was called Scouse House. Very bouncy (cheesy) music.

Later when I started gigging with some friends I began to settle into better music.

We used to run a few club nights in my local area, 1 of them being an 1100 capacity club with 2 floors.

I used to host upstairs as a funky/progressive/chill out area booking my own up and coming DJ’s while downstairs was Trance and Techno.

It wasn’t uncommon to have more people in my area than there was down in the main area.

I’ve warmed up for a few big names too such as The Tidy Boys from Tidy Traxx Records, Matt Hardwick and Scott Bond of Gatecrasher and the infamous Judge Jules of BBC Radio1.

It’s a life I can hardly remember these days though and not because it was so long ago but because of how I used to be at that time. :wink:


A subject dear to my heart, started DJing age 14
most of my life, i’ve had it baaad, pure vinyl, original 1960s release mostly Chicago Rhythm & Blues

I had my fun- little walter (The original is Ray Charles, i think a rare example of the cover surpassing the original but little walter was a right son of a gun so the lyric is a perfect fit

ohhh the smoke filled rooms ;0)
Good thread!
nice to hear your memories,
& yes, mixing & mixing !
makes sense.


Sadly I can relate to that much more than I want to admit :wink:
Looking back they were good times but they could of very much went in a totally different direction!
Being born and raised in Chicago I was surrounded with house and Detroit techno, etc
I myself was more of a dark techno dj that slowly warmed up to a slight house style but not as drastic as the “shake that booty to the left, shake that booty to the right” lol

I was more along the stylings of Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Frankie bones, Dj rush and the like-

Chicago was a great place to be for this in the early 90s before it became more…commercialized? and the introduction to the little punk kids with passifiers in their mouths and the Elmo backpacks…

I exited the scene when it became more about drugs than the music-
I continued on holding events at my house and larger venues. I met some of my closest friends during that time and I still have love for techno decades later

I always thought it was funny that in the 80s/90s all the haters would say how techno/electronica was shit and it would never catch on, etc etc and now years later you can turn on the radio and here all the influence in almost every artist one way or another


Freestyle, House and Jungle was where it was for me for a long time. Also hip hop (90’s best era ever to be a fan) and dancehall reggae were my faces as well.


When the baby is good looking everybody is the father ;0)

my mate (a Grenadian in London) made early house, the Jamaicans that would pass by his studio would call it batty bwoy music but be dancing to it five years later at carnival as if it was all they’d ever known

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YES! I was picky about my jungle though and I had a hard time finding a style I liked- My fav was a guy by the name of JJ Jellybean but I never spun it myself-

I also enjoyed playing around with the 303s/909s type machines and in the 90s prototype 909 killed it on stage, those 3 guys had some skillz for sure!

See @daath we have the makings of a GREAT ELR event as we discussed!!! We have the food part totally covered, the music also covered, we can have a coil building station hosted by all these great coil builders, a nice mixing station, @Jimk would have the tobacco station covered (and the face painting table), @Amy2, @JoJo and I will cover the flora station and everyone else here that have great expertise in different areas! All in all we have everything covered and with your suave radio host voice you would be the MC!

Lets do this!!!



The type of house style I loved most was progressive. Even made a few tracks on the Fruity Loops by parsing instrumental bars (some of them measures) and edits from all different songs and creating my own sound using sounds of others. Quite the challenge but fun as hell.

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God I don’t miss those editing days! Sitting in front of the pc through out the night spending HOURS just to edit a 5 minute track haha

Oh man, I live for that shit. The end result was always very rewarding for me.

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I can agree with that…just way to many cigarettes smoked during that process and that’s part of the reason I don’t miss it. I do miss making my own shit though, so much fun layering tracks then compressing into 1 and then layering it with more, etc etc…
I really wish I had more time in my life these days to do it. I can only imagine the strides that have been made since the 1900s :wink:

I’m going to dig for a few of my albums and mixes this weekend actually-

My profile pic on the ELR recipe site was actually the cover for my best album to date…it really summed up the whole experience in 1 pic lol

lol I cant believe I posted it and I should find the completed cover but that was the feeling when it was over hehe
Its also the picture on my Capital One card…the looks I get when I hand it to a cashier are priceless

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…you mean something like this?

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EXACTLY! Only missing the vape ring coming from the mouth :wink:

Oh hells yea many cigarettes and plantations of bud were certainly not spared for me. When you get that perfect shit going on during your project and you start getting goosebumps, yeah you know what im talkin bout.

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