One added benefit of vaping

So I’m in bed and about to go to sleep.

About this time every night I start sucking-in as much vapor as I can - alternating between freebase and salt: not enough to get nic-sik, but enough to start feeling like a nap.

Almost every night without fail, doing this little end-of day dose-up promotes dreams that’re so much more involved and intense than smoking ever did and I’ll often be woken up by these dreams, reach out, have another hit then return to sleep and have another dream.

These dreams never keep me awake, just wake me up a few moments before I go back under again.

The gum, lozenges aand patches from the supermarket used to do the same thing but I get more control with a vaporizer :+1:


doesn’t effect my dreams, they have always been bazar. but the nic keeps me awake, i cut down before bed. nic is much like caffeine for me


I haven’t had vaping affect my sleep or dreams, but when I was on the patch and left them on 24 hours a day, I remember my dreams being more vivid.


Nicotine causes a release of the hormone epinephrine, which acts as a stimulant on the nervous system. I mix at 3.5% and sometimes have trouble falling asleep. But a quick hit or 2 of some OG Kush is a great remedy. :slightly_smiling_face:


i guess thats why my wife sleeps so well, lol. and not me.


Yep yep.

you could always try edibles… :sleeping:


naah, i’d rather smoke it. the thing is, 1, it makes me brain dead. 2, the cost.

if i cut back, and my low mg nic juice, and 1/2 of a sleep pill, i sleep pretty good. though, sometimes “getting” to sleep can be rough.


Maybe you can try some Melatonin.


jinx_d, sleep issues can suck. Good sleep is vastly underrated. I loved Warren Zevon’s music, but never agreed with his “I’ll sleep when I die” line.
As someone with sleep issues, there are times I struggle. And as a person in recovery (long term), there are many medications and “aids” that I can’t take. Finding natural tools that work for me has been a journey and a challenge.

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Nothing worse than getting NO skeep all night, then the next day that horrid fuzzy feeling you get.

And every hour that fuzziness seems to double until you get to the afternoon and get that second wind (or first really) which is probably just all the coffee finally starting to stack and do something.

Yeah I hate not getting sleep.

Then you end up panicking while you’re laying in bed that you won’t sleep again, which stops you sleeping …look at the clock it’s 3:00AM “FUCK! Three hours and the sun will be up! :(”

Yep that sucks.


i am sure you know, but turning off all screens hour or so before bed can make a large difference. before the internet, i would fall asleep in my chair watching TV.