One good deed a day

While U.S. vape laws seem to be up in the air… and government agents harassing flavor manufactures. I cant help but feel sorry for the uneducated smokers. Who will be blind sided when and if the proposed FDA changes go thru

Sale restrictions on ALL flavored ENDS products. Flavored e-juice (excluding tobacco, mint and menthol flavors) can only be sold in-person at locations with age restrictions, like vape/head shops or closed-off retail areas. Basically, no more convenience stores. You can also expect “robust age verification procedures” for products sold online.

this one I could live with, I don’t think it will really affect the DIY community. but I could be wrong…

A proposed ban of menthol in combustible tobacco products. This will only apply to cigarettes and cigars… for now. The FDA acknowledged that nixing menthol from ENDS may deter teens and adults from switching to vaping, a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

Cant help but feel sorry for those people who smoke Newport, Salem, etc….

A proposed policy to ban flavors in cigars. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

as I said I cant help but feel sorry for the smokers in the world who aren’t following what the FDA is proposing. so when I see someone light up a Newport. while I’m waiting on my wife to come out of the grocery store. I cant help but ask

“Are you following the proposed vape laws”

usually get “no I don’t vape so it doesn’t mater to me”

“really you might want to check it out, since that cigarette might become illegal and no longer be sold”


Yes, I agree, even the vapers who have been following the latest FDA developments are concerned.

My guess/take after reading the innuendos, is the regulators are going after anything that contains tobacco or nicotine. If you are purchasing DIY flavors, I’m hopping that these will be left alone because these flavors are used in the foods industry.
As for standalone nic, this may be a big problem.