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One On One Flavors: Free Shipping


Hello Friends and Family,

As a new member here on e-liquid recipes we at One On One Flavors would like to offer any gallon of ready to vape e-liquid from our flavor list for $200!! Thats 124 30ml or 250 15ml bottles!! Just to show our appreciation towards our current and new customers!! Take advantage of this great deal now and contact one of us on the website chat or call now (800)971-3015 ext 103 or ext 102. Thank you in advance and we’re waiting to hear from you! www.oneononeflavors.com www.oooflavors-eliquid.com

Who's got $20 right now!?!?!

Welcome to ELR! To be honest i had no idea that you all sold eliquids, the site can be a bit difficult to navigate as i only have 5 brain cells left. Last night i placed my first order which i had thought i placed two weeks ago. Looking forward to trying the Speckled Flakes with Milky Undertones flavorings. Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal ever.

Again, welcome to ELR! :smile:

Frosted flake flavoring

Thank you so much for the welcome! The milky undertone is one of our best sellers and flavorings. We know you won’t be disappointed. Yes, we also sell ready to vape liquid, thats any flavor and nic strength!


REALLY looking forward to trying Speckled Flakes, you folks are the only game in town for a frosted flakes type flavoring. If it is anything like what is used in Aisle 7 Flaked it will be my main ADV. Cant believe how quickly it shipped, i ordered very late last night and got the shipping info this morning.

I was wondering why the jump from 2oz to 8oz?I would have definitely grabbed a 4oz if it were offered. Tho i imagine i will be grabbing an 8oz if it love it.

Thanks for joining us here, this is an incredible family.


Sorry to jack your ejuice special thread, but since you’re here…

At what % are your flavors recommended??
There seems to be very little info, that I’ve been able to find, on suggestions for OneOnOne flavorings.
For example:
Butter Rum
Happy Ranchers
Strawberry Shortcake
Cream Soda
…those are the ones I have on hand.
I’d like to purchase more, but I’m kinda flying blind without recommendations.


im dying for the rhubarb

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Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away. Our percentages are very low because our flavors are very concentrated.
Butter Rum (5%)
Happy Ranchers (1%-5%)
Strawberry Shortcake (10%-15%)
Cream Soda (3%-5%)

I recommend our cream milky undertone to mix with any of our cereal flavors, but it also goes well with any of our other flavors. Glazed Doughnut is one of our top sellers as well as our custard flavor. I can go on but those are personally my favorite.


welcome aboard this is the place you’ve been looking for!!!


Awesome job OOO so happy to see you here ! Welcome to ELR we’re ready to see some phenomenal deals and get your feedback.

I have been in LOVE w/ your cream ( milky undertone VG based flavor ) and it remains a necessary part of my stash. I wish to see more VG based flavors expanded in your current flavors offered. Looking forward to it, as your site states more are on the way !


Thank you guys for the welcomes, we definitely feel the love.

We are happy to hear all your favorite flavors from our line and hope you guys get a chance to try more out. We are coming up with more and more recipes everyday to push out.

We have a blue raspberry candy e-liquid that I’m vaping currently and I think everyone should try it.


You have some seriously yummy looking stuff! Gonna be hard to decide what to try!


Let me know when you decide and I can give you a personal discount code for whatever flavor you would like to try.

Anything specific your looking for?


Wow! That’s so nice! Well let’s see, I like fruit. I like sweet. What looks really good to me are the peach rings, blue raspberry, wild berry rainbow. Maybe green apple candy, though I’ve yet to find an apple flavor I like. And perhaps the orange square. Actually, most of them look really good but if I had to pick, these would probably be what is start with.

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I’ve never purchased from OOO, but that could change! :wink:

Couple of questions?

Are your tobacco flavorings 100% synthetic? Or are they produced with any type of natural tobacco “essence” or naturally extracted tobacco?

I see you offer a “sample pack” of tobacco flavorings. Firstly, I saw no mention of how many ml of flavoring comes in each bottle. Secondly, would it be possible to have the option to choose which 15 tobacco flavors one wished to try? There are many tobaccos in that pre-made sample pack I would have no intention of mixing and vaping…so, I would like to be able to choose the tobaccos, I know for a fact, I would choose to mix and vape.

I’m always looking for another supplier of tobacco concentrates. I would love to give OOO a go in the future. :wink:

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Its a natural and artificial flavor, its has no tobacco in it.

All our sample packs come in 10ml bottles and you can not choose because they are already made but you can choose from anyone of the flavors and choose a 10ml but it will cost a little more compared to a sample pack.

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I recommend the peach rings (soon good) and our mixologist just mixed a fresh batch of wild berry rainbow. You totally just named some of our best candy flavors right now lol so it is hard to choose from but if I had to choose one I would say wild berry rainbow. Just because my buddy has it in his tank right now in our office and it smells terrific.


Well I thought I was done buying this month. They all sound just too darn good to pass up!

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Believe me you won’t be disappointed. What nic strength do you usually get? or mix?

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Natural, but no real tobacco in the product? Can you expound on that a bit?

I don’t mean to be a nudje… But, on the subject of the pre-packaged sample tobaccos and not being able to pick and choose which concentrates the customer wants… It seems like you might want to give the customer what they really want, rather than subjecting them to purchasing flavors they might not ever use. :thinking: If OOO wants more customers, it would behoove OOO to grant the customers their reasonable wishes.

It might result in a happy customer returning to purchase more product or that happy customer spreading the word to other potential customers.


I mix for myself and an ever-growing group of friends. You know, make some for this one and they share it around and before you know it you’re mixing for 10 people!! Most of my friends do 3mg so I make a big batch of 3mg base and adjust accordingly, I have a few that do 6mg and I do 9mg in my Nautilus tanks, 6 in my Target tank. Nearly all the people I mix for like the same sorts of juices that I like… Fruity, sweet, tart, that kind of thing. It’s taken me a very long time to figure out how to do this mixing thing and get good results, I credit ELR and this forum for that. But I’m thinking… How sweet would it be (and easy!!) to get, say, Wild Berry Rainbow, mix it up at 10% or whatever and BAM… There’s your juice!!! I’d be buying that stuff in bulk!! Am I correct in assuming these are mix and go type flavorings? I don’t have to worry about adding a little of this and a little of that?? Mix er up and go right?

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