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One on One Tasting Notes

Hee hee I understand and once your post gets bigger it’s kinda confusing when you on the edit screen. I get it! I didn’t realize you were familiar is all. :wink:


Lol. No worries Amy. You see how big the first post is here… I bet I edited that 10 times lol. I am on a tablet and I really hate typing on these things. I hopefully will have my PC done by this weekend and can finally play on here like everyone else. Just waiting on some memory and I am ready to go.

I will try some more mixes this weekend. I work 70 miles from home and 10 hour shifts. So I don’t have much time to mix. Especially this week because I have my rambunctious 3 year old son destroying my home with monster trucks and Lightning McQueen toys lol.


yea you sound like your hands are full :smiley:


How have you found the steep time to be with ooo? I mixed up mine at max recommend and am wondering how long till they are fully steeped


It really depends. Some of their fruit flavors I found them to steep quite fast like 2-3 days ! strawberry candy watermelon bang But they’re creams creamy milky undertone vanilla marshmallow butter lemon and butter toffee all to me seemed to be in the 7-9 days range and the more creamy the longer it took. Mostly I find with VG based flavors they do take a bit longer to steep. Particularly North west flavors from ECX.

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I always Have to have their cream milky undertone I opt for the Vg version but if Pg isn’t a concern grab that one. It is a perfect milky finish w/o getting too much of that milk taste.

Vanilla Marshmallow - love it !!!

Beignets - One of there newest flavors it is delicious

I personally love their SB ripe !

Also a few honorable mentions are
Butter toffee and lemon butter but are great for adding to a bakery for additional profiles butter lemon is more buttery and the toffee is very buttery too but w/ a toffee finish these aren’t stand alones but any measure thou. Hope this helps.



I seen this on the site but …I know there isn’t any watermelon in this one and I have never vaped the juice but like you say it is a start

Sour belt Candy

Ingredient %
Kiwi Double (TPA) 1
Strawberry Sour Belts (O.O.O.) 12
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.4
Whipped Cream (TPA) 6

Flavor total: 19.4%

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This helps a lot! I’m really looking forward to trying them out and reading through the One on One thread


The OOO Watermelon tastes like wax. I have tried it at various percentages with a few different recipes. Everything I use it in turns cloudy also. So I would steer clear of that flavor. But the Sour Belts was a good one. I think I mixed them together at 8%. I think if you mixed Sour Belts with FA Watermelon and some marshmallow or other cream it would make for a really good juice. I mixed this for a friend as I am not real big on fruity vapes. That recipe evolved into using Strawberry Ripe by OOO instead because he was wanting a specific flavor and Sour Belts wasn’t it.


Thanks for the info! After reading the other thread on OOO I was a little hesitant. But did end up getting, Marshmallow vanilla, Creamy milky, SB ripe, and SB sour belt. I also got a bunch of stuff from EXP (TPA, FA, EXP, FW, CAP, INW, and FLV)


OoO has new economical flavors priced at $1.50 each, with the 25% off discount code that would make them about $1.11 each or so. These are separate from their premium lines and have some interesting flavors I am thinking of picking up to try like Butter Toffee, Apple pie, Citrus Punch, Butter Vanilla and a bunch of fruits like Banana, Apple and coconut.

I have to admit that I really like there sweetener, they say it is not sucralose or stevia based, smells like citrus so I am guessing citric acid and other ingredients but I love it in fruit vapes. There Sweet & Tart candy is real good too and there sweet ice cream is unlike any flavor I have tried, strong and best not used on it’s own but to add that little something to a mix. Sugar Butter Cookies is interesting, not the same as FA Cookie but I used it in a mix for a Caramel Cookie Milkshake and wound up with the best caramel vape I have ever had, tried it after 3 days steeping so yet to know if it will change.

I also have there Strawberry (ripe and cotton candy) there good but I don’t think they will be replacing INW Shisha SB but they will get used. Also have Caramel Cream, Flan, French Toast, Cake Batter and Custard, they’re all decent but I don’t see them replacing my go to flavors from other mfg’s.

I am going to order up some of there new economy line to give it a shot, I will let you guys know if there worth a shot or not.


Thanks mjag for the update. I like the butter toffee I use it kinda often in bakery juices works where you want a buttery note but also some breadiness, Sounds like some really good flavors offered at a unbeatable price. Let us know how it goes !


They still have the premium Butter Toffee which is 3.50 to 4.50, I got the new economy version though at 1.50. The only premium I ordered was the Strawberry Sour Belts, just sounded like something I need to have :sunglasses:

They just arrived so of course I had to open each bottle and give it the old whiff test, they all smell pretty good, the only one that made me go hmmmm was the Apple Pie, smells like too much cinnamon and the red hots type. The Blueberry smells a little like a blow pop but I have been struggling to find a BB I like, the INW BB smells and tastes like cough syrup, just got both versions FW carries and those are good. I do like the smell of the OoO BB though, doesn’t have a chemical smell, hoping the vape matches the smell.
The Grape also has a blow pop profile to it but I really like it, the only other grape I have though is INW and from what I remember it has a grape juice profile to it. The Banana is good too, not sure if it is going to replace my INW or LA but from the smell of it I will use it.

If I have enough bottles I am going to be mixing up 5% test samples of these and post my impressions in a few days.

All in all 10 flavors shipped to me for $17 was not a bad deal, I am just hoping they vape as good as they smell.


Hey folks dusting off this old thread giving it new life ! Just got a few new flavors and will post how these turn out if you’ve worked with them please chime in !

Strawberry Milk
Milk Tea
Powdered Sugar
Tapioca Pudding

All smell terrific !


Really eager to hear about that Tapioca. It is my favorite pudding flavor and they are the only company I have seen with that flavor available.


Milk tea sounds amazing! Glad you re-awoke the thread - was looking at some of their flavourings yesterday but being a newbie I wasn’t sure whether they are good…look forward to reading your reviews @Amy2 :blush:


Sorry to bump an old thread but how’s that Tapioca? @Amy2


It’s pretty good I think it’s a nice flavor been using it around 2-3% have used it as high as 4-5% but it wsn’t necessary. I feel it’s close to a tapioca could still use a lil support from other flavors. I’d be interested in hearing others thoughts on it. I need to break down and vape it solo and get a real feel for it but tapioca has never been a fav for me.


Thank you. Tapioca been my favorite since I was a little guy. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll enjoy vaping it. But thanks for sharing.


No problem if you’re planning on getting it and you want to pick up a few others I’d recommend

cream milky undertone
Vanilla Marshmallow

off the top of my head :smile:

I’d love to hear your feedback being you love Tapioca !