One shot questions

there is a bit about it here @Jazzy_girl


I don’t bother, i just look at the flavor total from the original recipe and add that much of the stone.


I made a cream base stone and want to start adding different fruits and flavors in it for testing to save some time.


Ah then in that case you would want to enter your stone as its own flavor. Then (for everyone else who’s looking at your recipe and wants to make it) you could write the stone recipe in the flavor notes. :wink:


Ok thanks! That answers my question.


I have a thought on the stones and have felt this way for a while. If it weren’t for the fact that every time you enter and save a flavor that it saves across the whole of ELR it wouldn’t be a problem. But it does. Multiply that by however many ELR members who may want to make them…you get the drift.

So I feel like we should ask ourselves is this stone amazing enough to recommend to the community at large? Some may think so, and we do presently have the ability to enter them. But I think many times they simply don’t need to be extra weight on the database. So my thought is, create it as a recipe and give it the designation in the name - [stone] or [base] or something that will be recognizable at a glance. If added to the beginning of the name that will make it appear easier in searches.

Now if you mix by volume, easy peasy. But if you mix by weight, this is where using 1gm = 1ml works out great.

You can start a recipe and add your flavors, but for your base just enter the % you want to use in the recipe and no name.

Image #1

As you can see, although there’s no name there, you can see you need 3 gms of your base.
Edit - at this point you should mix your recipe as it shows the proper percentages of flavors, flavor base, pg/vg/nic

Image #2

Then you can add a note for yourself -

Image #3


Also in the notes, if you saved the base as a recipe, you could past the short URL to that base recipe.

Now just save this. Since there was no name entered for your base flavor, the recipe won’t show it. But the note you created will be saved.

Image #4

Later on if you find the base is something worthy of sharing you could always make it public and go back and enter it into any recipe you created like this.

Edit - any time you want to make this mix just repeat the process in Image #2. If you’ll enter your percentage of base flavor without adding a name, you can change other values up or down, add or remove flavors, and the recipe preview will reflect these change. You should mix at this point.

FYI - these are my opinions only. They are centered on helping the admins minimize the already heavy burden of database maintenance.


I will add that I merge all named “stones” of something into one. So say if the flavor database has 15 different flavors named “ice cream stone” or “ice cream base” or whatever, they’ll all get merged into one unless I have a really compelling reason not to.


I am confused idkif this is the right place or if anyone is even going to see it…I got this Molinberry “Baylis” one shot it smells terrible but apparently the ingredients are alright…anyone have experience with this?

Also it was on sale for like 2.78 and 30mls…im a sucker for sales.


Almost got it! :wink: This thread is kind of tricky. It is about One Shots, but it’s about the ELR calculators ability to create a One Shot from a recipe that has multiple ingredients. Any recipe you have or create, once saved as a completed recipe, can be made into a One Shot in the wrench menu on the recipe’s page.

What you have is a One Shot already created and mixed into a bottle, which should be used like you would any flavor concentrate. It has multiple flavor concentrates added together in one bottle to make a new supposedly complete flavor.

You take what you have and make a new recipe, but just add the one ingredient at the recommended %. Mix your bases as usual, and steep


ive literally just been inboxing ppl now with quiestions idk what else to do.


I k ow what a 1shot is just what to do with this particular one idk it smells awful


And also they claim it is this magical chocolate hazelnut with citrus which isn’t my thing to begin with…lol


make a small 10ml amount at whatever the recommended amount is, wait a week or so and try it. Then wait another week and try it again. Maybe you get a nice full flavor, or somenthing that you can use at lower percentages as an add-on, or maybe it’s garbage. Give your one-shot a shot and see what you get.


You mix it at the lowest recommended %, or a little lower… and steep it. Search for a Molinberry thread if you want more specific help.


Baylis is Molinberry’s representation of Bailey’s Irish Cream (Hazelnut version it seems).

I really like their ‘original’ Irish cream version IRL and Baylis is on my buy list, but Chefs don’t sell it for some reason. Lumi (Youtuber) talks about it all the time; it’s her fav flavor. Let us know how you like it; i really like your reviews and thx for entering them.

(MB suggests 6-8% for Baylis, but i would suggest you try it lower; somewhere around 2-3% and then move higher if needed)

and this could be also helpful :point_down:


The thread for your other oneshots (beside Baylis) is here

DIY Flavor Chaser One Shots

Your review, opinion or any question is most welcome (…and you can even ask the creators directly). Note: for these use their recommended percentage.


Thank you @Mikser

@ladycrooks can’t help you with one you don’t like but @zippy did a GREAT job on her site.


thx i never saw the mixing info section i thought it was just %`s


Lots of flavors smell great but the taste doesn’t match it and vice-versa. Take a whiff of Vienna Cream FA…it makes me gag yet I use it often.


I find TPA Sweet Cream like that @natbone.