One Smok AL 8.5 w/Baby beast tank + one newb = mahem

I’ve watched umpty dozen youtubes, read articles. I so want to get this critter working so I don’t cough, choke, all that fun stuff… I know diddly about coils - except that NI and so on exist. Whether =I= happen to have such in my mod - therein lies a mystery.
Figured I’d be safest JUST working with the “Temp” setting - but if I go too high or too low, the creature WHISTLES at me (off-key as well.) I believe I’ve worked out that the LOWER you go, the stronger, more powerful the vape. So at present he’s set at 250 C. And that’s the closest I’ve come to a sweet spot - in that I’m utterly clueless on how to change literally ANYTHING else!!! (I looked for that soft/normal/hard - uh whatever, but it sounds good - and unless I fall over it I can’t access it.)
Let’s start with this temperature business. At 250 C, do I go up or down to make the vape less strong? Thank you so much.

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I have tried temp control over and over again. I just never get that good hit like I do on wattage. I have a 24 ga SS 316L in my alien set between 30-50W on TC. I could not get a satisfactory vape until I ramped it up to 500 degrees. Even with SS claptons, twisted, or parallel. I never got what I wanted in TC. Even then it was not as good as wattage mode. So back to wattage it went.


There are really 2 camps. One very pro power mode (variable wattage) and the other pro TC (temperature control). I am more in the second group because it give a more stable/controlled vape and if for whatever reason you don’t pay attention on the level of liquid in your tank or rba, you’re not going to get an awful dry hit and ruin the cotton in your coil.

I think the main reason why most people don’t like TC, is because they just don’t have a mod that properly does TC and they get a warmer vape or just more vapor from power mode. I can assure you that a proper mod at 315C or 600F spits out a lot of vapor and is really hot. Like you, my sweet spot is somewhere between 480F/250C to 520F/270C. It depends a bit on the juice and whether I like the vape to be warmer or cooler.
Once you have your sweet spot, you really don’t need to play with temperature or wattage anymore, just keep vaping and stay off those damned cigarettes :slight_smile:

You should realize though that you can’t always vape in TC. If your coil is made from Kanthal, which is the most common material, you will only be able to use power mode. Temperature control is based on the change in electrical resistance in the coil while heating up and kanthal’s resistance is just too stable when it gets hot.
Most quality brand coils give you an indication of what wattage you can safely use and if you make your own coils, you can use to get a bit of an indication what you can expect. Just start low, build up and see where the sweet spot if for you and your build.
If you’re using nickle (Ni200) or titanium coils, NEVER use them in power mode, always in temperature control. If they get too hot, they will oxydize and all that stuff becomes a toxic powder that you inhale. With temperature control, it is safe to use those coils however.

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I started with a Vaporesso 75W mod and like you, I just couldn’t get anything satisfying out of TC. Then I moved on to an RX2/3, hoping it had enough power (batteries and brains) to do temp control… but I got screwed again. Any fancy coil and it would jump back to power mode.
I got fed up and bought myself a DNA250 and I’ve been happy ever since. Just a few days ago, I installed Articfox firmware on my RX2/3, a custom firmware, and now I also have a satisfying TC that works on my RX2/3.

I really recommend getting a mod that you know works well with TC. Maybe just walk into a decent vape shop and ask if you can try such a mod. You won’t be disappointed.

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Better mod better performance. Makes sense. Not ready to drop cash on a DNA yet. Definitely food for thought though.

Well… I paid $35 for my RX2/3 and with the Articfox firmware it does proper temp control. The only warning you should get with Wismec mods is that their 510 connectors suck.
I’ve been told that the Predator (similar in price) works pretty well with that software too, but again, you could have issues with the 510 connector.

I don’t like spending a lot of money on hardware either, but I do care about having a satisfying vape because if it isn’t for that, I’ll find myself smoking again … that disgusting addiction sits deep with me.
I paid $100 for an HCigar VT250 on Gearbest and I still stand by it that it is one of the best investments in vaping that I’ve done. By far the most expensive, but it’s worth every cent.

Doing DIY juices, making my own coils and eventually saving on healthcare bills by quitting smoking… you’re really going to save money and it won’t even take very long.


Technically, THIS puppy works well in TC! lolol that’s one reason I purchased this mod - his (installed) coil is the “v8 baby q2 core” which does 40-80w but is best between 55 and 65. I am using the Temp feature - he’s at 250 C but - under that I see he’s at 45 watt! Which means maybe I should put him in Watt mode and up it to 55-65? (As far as what he’s made of, all I can discover is ‘stainless’.)

I keep researching what these modes do - I can’t figure out, though, so many things. If I’m using the TC thing, and I change it to Watt mode - and move the Watt upward - will that make the vapor hotter or cooler? Am I right that the hotter the vape is, the ‘stronger’ (or the more it will make me cough lol)? Thank y’all so much.

Set you preheat to 65 watts you tcr to .00105 the coil is 304 ss (this is in the set up for tc - if you don’t know how to do it lmk and I can talk you through it)

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I’m so sorry, I don’t understand much - I’m not sure I have a preheat? What is “TCR”?

Oh my coil is 304 ss? Yes I’d love being talked through it – if it wouldn’t bother you too much. thank you thank you!

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I spent bloody ages looking for decent (not over-the-top) explanations on what TC, Wattage changes, or Ohms do - in regulated mods (not to mention the various coils.) I am a PRO researcher, rofl - you can believe that! And I found zilch of any use whatsoever to newbies - or even semi-newbies.

Therefore by gawd - If we can get ME to understand this shit, I’m going to write it up as a tech article. (Have done a million of puter articles: guide doco, dev doco, ad nauseum.) Could also write a youtube script - if someone else would do the voice over? It’s criminal, the lack of clear info out there.

sure - I am working with the alien 220 but i am pretty sure they have the same menu system.

push the fire button 3 x quickly and you will see the mode selection a few seconds later it will read mode watt or mode memory or mode temp if it is not on mode temp use the up down buttons until it does.

The screen will change again after a few seconds of inactivity and say strength use up and down buttons again so it is set to 65w.

After a second or 2 it will then go to the coil setting adjust so that it says tc-ss.

After a second or 2 it will auto change to tcr you will see a string of numbers adjust it so that it says 0.00105 and you should be good for tc.

Hopefully it is the same as the alien 220 if not the manual will be able to help the settings i have detailed above should work.



The difference between the two is that in wattage mode the mod will just apply a static amount of watts to the coil. In temperature mode the mod will quickly put 65w (using settings above) into the coil to heat it. It will then use whatever wattage is required to keep the temp at the temp you have set.


OH MY GOD that’s brilliant!!! It is now functioning properly, I’m fairly sure… now is there a way to - ah- lower the intensity of the vape? How would one tweak this (hopefully just one setting lolol)

I still am going to write this damn article if and when I ever grok this stuff myself. THEN I’m donating it to the good folks here - bless them for such a kind community. Hard to find these days!


Ya when you get the the wattage section just drop it down a little or you can adjust the temp to suit your vape.

oh ho, so ‘dropping the wattage’ makes it less - powerful? Wof, anyone ever tell you you’re worth your weight in GOLD! I’ve tweaked this puppy for days - so help me gawd it gets pissed off and does nothing but WHISTLE at me. Does yours whistle when it does absolutely nothing?

EDITED - shit. Used the watt - normal, hard soft = all he does is whistle! Back to TC for moi. ARG this thing.

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It’s gonna be a lot of gold then :laughing:


Lol worth my weight in gold hmm that is a lot of gold :laughing:

ya if you drop the preheat or the 65w (from the settings I gave you) down to say 50 it will be less intense - you can also just drop the temp back a notch so it is a cooler vape.

I dont use the baby beast - it is not quite big enough for me but i have set up a few for people and i have not heard whistling so I cant really help with that but it maybe a little juice sizzling on the coil?

@Norseman beat me by seconds lmao


Hey - if anyone knew MY arse was in these parts, they’d have said yeah well, Ette’s worth that in YEARS! lolol
I’m now gonna try changing that 65 number - now that the coil is right. Was gonna ask. If one hoses the coil (IE inputs the WRONG one) does this sucker even care? Throw an error of any sort?

The ohm reading on the mod is automatic and i think all the premade coils for the bbeast are ss 304 (i could be wrong if so someone will say) so those settings should work for all the premade coils. if they have a kanthal coil it will automatically jump out of tc into wattage mode

RATS - by mistake when I hit the bar - it dropped into “Watt” mode and did something or other. I went back to Temp and your settings - but am now choking again! (Think massive clouds.) ARG what did I do? lolol I feel an utter fool with this dang thing!