One Stop DIY Shop, Flavor Prices Falling * Discount code change!

Prices are falling! We have increased our efficiency while lowering costs and are passing the savings on to our customers!

Flavor Apprentice and Flavor West 15ml flavors are now priced at $2.15, which when using coupon code JFK the flavoring comes $2.04 for 15ml or just .136 per ml

Flavor Apprentice, Flavor West and One Stop Flavors/Blends
30ml flavors are now priced at $4.00, which when using coupon code JFK the flavoring comes to $3.81 or .127 per ml

We have also lowered the prices on Capella.
13ml bottles now $2.69, after coupon code JFK the price is $2.54 or .195 per ml.
30ml bottles are now $5.59 and after coupon code JFK that’s just $5.32 or .177 per ml.
120ml bottles are now priced at $13.99, you save $1.54 off with coupon code JFK to give you a cost of $13.32 or .11 per ml.

We have some of the best pricing you will see!


ELRECIPES coupon saves 11% also :smile:


Woot! Sounds great! :grinning:

Hey, You guys wouldn’t feel like having a “fire sale” on your Tobacco Absolute, would ya? :kissing_heart:

No, but you can use the coupon ELRECIPES to save 11% :smiley:


Dang it! Oh well, @Kimberlyosdiy, never hurts to ask! :wink:

Good to know about the ELR discount though. :grinning:

Hey, has OSDIY ever considered stocking Inawera, Hangsen or Flavorah?

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We do not currently have the space but perhaps in the future :smiley:


do you ship int’l . i.e australia? if so what is the shiiping time approx and costs. thanks

is there a website?

We do not ship to Australia, sorry!

We have opened shopping to Australia

We also just dropped our 120ml prices on flavor apprentice, best prices around!


I just checked out your site , I am both impressed with your selection and your prices.

1 Like has changed our ELRECIPES coupon to ELR for ease of use!

We have some of the best prices, fastest shipping and great customer service!

Compare carts to see for yourself!

We appreciate y’all!!

For those that haven’t ordered from OSDIY yet, no worries about these good folks! Accurate order fulfillment, quality product, fast shipping, and who knows… You might just find a nice little something in your box from time to time!

Haven’t had a bad instance yet with them. So I can’t comment on problem resolution. But I prefer not having issues to deal with!

The only thing I wish they would do, is improve their labeling. It’s tiny, and monochrome (all black/greyscale). I can read and ID all of my other flavors from at least 4-5 major vendors from 5 feet away.

OSDIY prices are great though! No question about that!