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One Stop Flavors



I noticed there is no abbreviation for One Stop flavors which can be bought here: https://www.onestopdiyshop.com

Can anyone help?




…something like this? :thinking:


Ohhh thank you! I couldn’t find it.

Is there a reference list with more brands in it than this one? http://e-liquid-recipes.com/vaping-abbreviations

Thanks so much, K!


This might help. BTW, good to see you on the forum side!
Brand Abbreviation List


This link might be of some use to you as well… :grinning:


That’s fantastic! Thank you!

It’s good to talk to you again. I’ve had some questions for you I’ll have to run by you later. :grin:


Thank you, that is very helpful too! :slight_smile:


I’ll be adding to that, and updating/highlighting some issues within, hopefully in the next day or two!

Make sure to “track” that thread! :wink:

MY BAD! I was referring to THIS thread: