One usual and one crazy recipe I would need some guiding to improve

I enjoy Fa apple pie at around for 4% in 40 pg/60 vg mix at 6-10 mg. But i have tried it with Pomegranate
My take to improve apple pie
Apple Pie (FA) 3.5%
Pomegranate Deluxe TFA 7%
Its ok, but far from any wow factor, and I am not sure it is an improvement over the straight Aplle Pie from FA. Any suggestions and guiding would be very appreciated.
Then in NDS “Dampekjøkkent” (Steam kitchen) we have an awesome mixer who goes under the name “Miraculix” Who came first runner up in a US blending contest.
He got his hand on a few perfume recipes which he tried to adapt to e liquid just for fun. Most of them came out really good, but I havent tasted them as we live in different parts of Norway.
But this one did not come out very good, I have toned the clove and the Coriander down a bit, cause i simply couldn’t stand them alone
OPIUM by Yves Saint Lorent
Black Pepper (FA) 0.1%
Cinnamon INW 1%
Clove TFA 0,1 %
Coconut TFA 0.7 %
French vanilla Deluxe TFA 2%
Koriander FA Quickfruit (not flavour art) 3%
Lemon INW 2%
There is more to them in the perfume, but not all ingredients was possible to adapt to liquid safe to vape .
Anyway I would thought it would rock to have a vape able version of that brand Probleby couldn’t use that big companies brand name though
So any suggestions here as well would be very valuable for me for personal use.
Feel free to bash me or suggest improvement. But I need the same ingrendience

On the other hand is , not the end of the world if i dont get a good result. Just that it would have been nice if the clove and coriander was come in handy.
The apple pie is more important.

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You could add some sweetness to the apple pie with marshmallow TPA @ 1-1.5% and round out the apple with Fuji Apple FA.

What is it your looking for as an end result, just a great tasting apple pie?

That perfume one is out of my league unfortunately, some very weird vaping going on.


Thank you, and you are right, I just want a great tasting apple pie. It does not have to be TFA. Back when I ordered the Pomegranate, I ordered CAP, but somehow they mixed up my order. FA Apple Pie is good, but I feel is lacking something. I see now that i wrote fa for the AP, but what I have is FA

I have TPA Apple pie, it’s not bad but needs something else to perk it up a bit

Me to, but I like the Flavour Art version a little better. I have also Marshmallow by TFA, I only lack the Fuji Apple. I think I will try your suggestions, but need to get me some Fuji Apple first. Unfortunately I have just ordered some other flavors, and I am on tight budget. Will you recommend the TFA Fuji Apple, or should I go with another brand in your opinion`? I really appreciate your help here. Thank you again for you r time and effort.
Cheers from Norway

Fuji Apple tastes exactly like a green apple, when mixed with other flavours it becomes quite a subtle flavour, you can read what others say about it here:

You can also find all the apple flavours listed by most popular here:

This seems like it could be worth a go:

I understand a “tight budget” its important you get flavours you like and will use, you made the right decision joining ELR, we will try and help / guide you as much as possible unfortunately though we can only give you our opinion on flavours, it will be your personal taste that decides whether it is right for you, ask the veteran mixers here, there is a lot of trial and error going on and doing your research is critical to getting the right components.

And i appreciate your kind words, its a great feeling to be appreciated isnt it :smile:

You are very welcome. I am overwhelmed by all the kind and helpful people on this web site. Thank you everybody. I really hope I can be skilled enough down the road to pas that help on to other unseasoned mixers :slight_smile:


Fuji Apple or not, you can try 0.5% Pear and either sweeten with liquid Pyure…
or instead of Pyure you can add a drop or two of both apple cider vinegar and a drop or two of either lemon juice or lime juice.

I make a pure organic stevia stone with lime juice and apple cider vinegar.

I made a mix for my daughter with Apple Pie, Pear, and my stevia stone.
I never wrote it down, just guessed at it, and she hauled ass to GA with it. She didn’t try it for several weeks, but vaped it all in a hurry…loved it.
I have been meaning to make some more, using the ELR calculator, so I have it saved…at least to tweak/adapt.
I never had a chance to vape it, but 5 mins after I made it, I tasted a drop on my hand…seemed good.

I think it was 4-5% Apple pie 0.5% Pear and .25% stevia stone…sounds like what I would do…anyway.


I would love to see the end result :yum:


Well, come on over…Oslo isn’t far from TN… :smile_cat:


That would be nice some time. Where is TN? I live in Fredrikstad,the capital of Ostfold and Raymon land :grin:

Southeastern USA…outside of Nashville [country music]

Do you know any Bjerketvedt’s ? I was raised with a friend from Sarpsborg [family was from Rakkestad]
He moved to the USA when he was 2yrs old…we were together most days growing up until I left for Vietnam.
We still hung out for a while, even went to Norway and visited his family…and went fly fishing with them…awesome.
Have you ever been fly fishing on the Glomma river, Kvennan zone? His name is Sverre Bjerketvedt.

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Ouh you lucky man:raised_hands:. I have always dreamed of moving or at the least take a vacation there.New York, one of the Sun States, or even Minnesota for all the Scandinavian influence there. My dream is the The Rangers will win the Stanley Cup and then go visit The Garden for the winning game. But I have to win the lottery first.I am unemployed due to health issues, and everything is uncertain for now I even have family over there. She works for NASA. Unfortunately I have lost here name and mail address. We talked about visit a few years ago. Have to ask my father if he remember. I think it is Karin K. Nash, but not 100% sure.
I have heard the name Bjerketvedt, but never met him. Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg has a just for fun a love/hate relationship :grinning:. "Det ordner seg i Fredrikstad, men nytter ikke i Sarp"
I have tried fishing in Glomma. I live 300 meter from the river, but have to travel to Hvaler to get clean cloak free fish. The water here is not that good. And the people from Sarpsborg dump their leftover from their toilet visit down the river to us. It has happen twice since 2012 when their cleaning system needed some service.
I has also lived a couple of years in Mysen next to Rakkestad because of a girl I was in love with 10 years ago.
Then we have deal, You get tickets to The Predators when The Rangers visit them in Bridge stone Arena? I bring some juice and you bring the tickets.
Nah, just kidding. Sorry for the book I wrote here . Have a great day. I will add you to my following list for sure.

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I can get tickets to the Predators home games anytime you want.

My wife is from Minnesota.

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Great. Then I need to win the lottery. It`s just around the corner I assume :laughing: Then we shall see the Norwegian magic Zuccarello make Pekka Rinne dizzy :wink:

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