One way of discovering great flavor combinations... mixing on the fly

I’m sure this has likely been discussed before however I haven’t seen the thread. I’ve read a lot but I haven’t read 'em all ha ha. So anyway now that I’m a month into mixing I’ve learned that one of the ways of discovering great combos is by mixing on the fly.

Case in point… It’s been 159 days since my last cigarette and whenever I smell that smoke in the wind I still feel that urge to light up (perfect time to hit the vape yeah ;-)) With that lingering urge I thought it’d be interesting to try some of that RY4 Double. From the bottle, it smells a lot like tobacco. So I mixed up a small batch. It didn’t vape like tobacco at all for me though. …Oh well… That tank was only half gone so instead of just dumping it, I squirted in some sub-par fruity thing I’ve been working on and VIOLA … the combo works! Works great actually!

The fruity stuff was chemically and way off, and the RY4 thing just tasted like weak sweetener with no flavor really. But together… mmmmm something entirely new. The bad parts of the fruity stuff was muted out, and it seemed to bring in the full feeling of a good hit out of the RY4 thing. Wow… cool… :sunglasses:

Just an ever so minor tweak or two and I think I’ll have a new great recipe!



This is the beautiful thing about DIY, there is no right/wrong way when it comes to discovering new flavour combos, just throw em together, noting the %'s and vape


if it works for you then “it works and it’s fine” and that’s the beauty of DIY indeed…

though have in mind that this “on the fly” thing doesn’t always work… for example there are flavors that are really harsh to vape on the fly…while you could experience a bad headache with some flavors using them like that… i just want to state that this sometimes works, some other times not at all…
while as time goes away, taste in ejuices changes as long they get steeped…this doesn’t mean better or worse…but it’s the changes are made, some flavors getting muted, some others shine, etc etc… … :slight_smile: i prefer letting my juice gets steeped for some time before using them for that reason…
gl and hf :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you. I personally steep atleast a week while a recipe is in beta. Then steep for 2-4 weeks after the recipe is finalized.
I use high VG so the denser liquid needs more time to soak in and blend.
Magical things happen to juice after patient, natural steeping!


I usually test a batch out the whole way through. I test it as a shake-n-vape, 3 or 4 days later, and then at 2 weeks, shaking the bottle every day or two. By that time there’s not much juice left to test!:triumph:… but I’ve already figured out if I like it or not.

Sometimes the recipe is worth expanding on, tweaking the %, adding other flavors or taking some out. I’ve made a recipe that I love so much and it was on the first mix…I’ve also made gallons of garbage I don’t want to ever taste again!

If you like fruity flavors you can totally shake-n-vape them all day. The RY4 double that you have requires a 2 week steep time before it’s flavors really come out, and it’s really good at 3% give or take a few. If you like bakery/dessert/custard flavors most of them need at least a week or they taste like chemical crap. I hope this helps and good luck mixing up your next favorite juice! Mix on the fly…Mix til ya die! :fist:


I definitely mix on the fly and have done it for 2 years every day.

I keep each and every flavor concentrate that I have in a 10ml bottle as a single flavor steeped, and I mix on the fly all the time. For each brand, I mix at a different percentage. All TPA, I mix at 15%, Capella 20%, IWA 5%. MF 3%, LA 3%, RF 3%.
I have over 300 different flavors, but I still do it. I’m trying to figure out ‘which’ brand is the best i.e., peach, but I never really do. Seems each brand has its benefits in most cases. I do find that the best 'BASIC" way to mix is to use 2 brands of the same flavor and depending on the mix, it’s good to use a fruit, a baked and a creamy flavor together. I also have several additives, several different sweeteners ect. I do have a mixing session once in a great while where I mix up recipes that I find on ELR and I want to repeat them. I also mix up some basic ‘bases’ like a peach custard and an apple mix that I put in my tank and then add different things to - depending on my choice that day.
I haven’t seen anyone else that mixes and vapes this way besides myself.


I mix the same way, Joy, I just do it with tobaccos. I have 8 single flavor tobaccos, in separate 30 ml bottles, well steeped and ready to go. I call those my ‘backbone’ flavors, or primary tobacco flavors.

I also have maybe a dozen other tobacco, single flavor mixes that I consider complimentary tobacco flavors. They’re very good flavors, as well, but I prefer them to be added to primary flavors, in lesser quantities, to give the mix a bit of a ‘personality change’.

Then, I have 15 ml, single flavor mixes that I use in very small quantities, if I want to sweeten a tobacco mix. Flavors like Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow, Black Honey, Sweet Coconut, etc.

All 3 ‘categories’ are mixed the same. 60/40 vg/pg base, .4 mg nic, and 5% flavor.

When it’s time to fill the tank, I pick one or two of the backbone tobaccos and add a couple of eyedroppers of each, then maybe 1 eyedropper of a complimentary tobacco, then just a tiny bit of one of the sweeteners.

I try and load up the morning tank that I will be taking to work, the night before. Even though all flavors are already well steeped, that one night together allows them to meld a bit. I think that improves the final mix a little bit. I still mix 'em on the fly, as well. I just look over the selection available, pick a combo, fill the tank and go. It’s always good. I can’t remember the last time I dumped a mix. It’s been well over a year.

I have a few ‘recipes’ that I mix the same, and adhere to the recipe, but 90 - 95% of my mixing is on the fly, tank mixing. Not the conventional way, and may not work for fruits, custards, bakery type of mixes, but it sure kicks ass for tobacco mixes.

@VPC the only taste buds that matter, are your own. If you’re having fun experimenting, and discovering things that work for you, and make your taste buds happy, then you’re doing it the right way.


I can vouch for this! Sometimes I’m too impatient and want to vape things rite away and then tell myself ya it’s ok maybe needs tweaking! Example a strawberry cheesecake I was working on put it away for three weeks, pulled it out and bam it was bomb diggity!

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Keep up the good work and find the mixes that best suit you! remember your trying to find "your " ultimate vape not anyone else’s so if you find what you like then badass! The rest will follow!

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