Online Mixer

So did you think to yourself how can I mix my juice online? :slightly_smiling:

This is not a juice mixer. As I’ve mentioned before, I have terrible insomnia. I can’t take meds because I have to be alert during the day. I recently found the coolest mixer for making ambient sounds, and I wanted to share it. If you have bad insomnia this might help you too. Its worked wonders for me. And if you register with them you can create and save your own mixes too, but they have some really wonderful ones people have shared.


That looks really cool, Sthrn… Thx for sharing!
I love this sorta stuff - I’ll have a good dig through it in a coupla days when I’ve got more time.
Which types of sounds are you liking? maybe the musical ones…?
On my previous computer, I had a bunch of music making/editing programmes that kept me busy for many a sleepless hour, & being a big fan of Brian Eno, I made a few ambient tracks of my own.
I just tried to copy one to this thread that I’m pretty sure would put you to sleep (one way or another…lol) but it seems MP3 is not an appropriate format. So, if you dont mind, I’ll try PM it to you. Hope you like it! (or, I hope it sends you nigh nigh)

Nuh… no luck with that…if ur interested @SthrnMixer, PM me ur email & I’ll get it to you that way. Cheers. vT

I don’t really do well with music. I’ve tried various types but when it comes to relaxing I like nature sounds. So I mixed one on the site that has light rain, distant thunder, crickets, frogs, a campfire, a light breeze and a creaking oak tree. For me the trick is to have enough interesting sounds without any one sound standing out.

I think if a person can think of the best sleep they ever had and mimic those conditions that would be a rare thing indeed. For me the most restful sleep I ever had was in a hammock at the beach of Edisto island in South Carolina USA. I practically fell into a coma. So I’m hoping that when it gets warm weather again I can try to recreate that ambiance with those sounds and my ceiling fan. Right now it’s just too cold out for that.

One other thing. I think maybe too it would be helpful to have a stereo speaker set up with really good speakers and to try and match the volume of the real life scenario which is actually very load. The particular location where I was there is a constant wind that is pretty loud but the ocean waves are also pretty intense due to the terrain.

This is friggin awesome! Thanks for sharing this man. Your timing couldn’t have been any better…

Over the holidays I’ve been watching and re-watching a Netflix video I found called Fireplace 4k. It’s about 1.5hrs of a simple static camera focused on a crackling fire in a homey hearth. It has knocked me out several times. I even have an actual fireplace in the livingroom but I prefer the digital version. I’m too damn lazy to build an actual fire :smirk:

That video got me thinking about some old tape cassettes I had of natures sounds and I’d been wondering if there was anything similar on Pandora or maybe somewhere else. I had toyed with mixing my own before (about 10yrs ago) but I like this better cause it’s on a continuous loop. The best samples I could find last time were only 10minz long at best.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing latter today :smiley:

I’m off to see if they have cicadas and a light breeze; maybe add a light babbling brook to that and I’ll be in heaven…

Something else you may wanna try…

Ludovico Einaudi played a huge part in helping me focus my mind when studying for finals and such in college. I give a lot of credit to Ludovico for my 4.0gpa lol. I still listen to him to this day… Here’s a few samples if interested…

Sthrn, my apologies for the delay in getting back to you…
I like the sound of your mix… & I like the idea of recreating, or at least attempting to recreate, the conditions surrounding your most restful sleep - thats a great idea…but its a shame it’ll only work for you for 1/2 the year. But I guess you’ve got the opportunity with this mixer to create any audible landscape or environment you could possibly imagine.
So you had your most restful sleep on Edisto island?.. In what situation do you think you could possibly have an even better one? It’s all a bit meditative really - a practice I’ve just started. My wife has been doing TM for years, & I can say for absolute fact it’s a practice that benefits her greatly in many ways. She assures me that 20 minutes is equal to 4 hrs sleep. While I cant exactly vouch for that yet, I can say that I certainly “return” in a more refreshed state. You may well have looked into this ™ in your quest to overcome the curse of insomnia…but in case you havent, perhaps there could be an angle there for you…

Oh yeah, they do have them. Cicadas can be so mesmerizing. Summer before last they were very thick round here and knocked me out several times. I didn’t even need an open window they were so loud.