OOO Tobacco FLavors?

Has anyone tried these? There’s a sample pack with the following flavors included and I was interested in any feedback, idea, recipes tried, etc for these. I always read all flavor testing notes but these dont seem to be listed

I am so new to tobaccos and mixing in general so any thoughts are appreciated. Thought I was done with stocking my flavors for awhile, then I discovered I LIKE tobacco flavors, mild at least

This Tobacco Sample 10 Pack Includes:
Cowboy West (PG)
Dark Knight (PG)
Golden Pipe (PG)
Ice Menthol
Latin Mix (PG)
USA Mix (PG)
West Wing (PG)

Thanks all !

…careful now! :wink:


I never heard of these guys, but of course that doesn’t mean much …

However I suspect this is some sort of syth base formulas because they will send you a 55 gallon drum of it. Not kidding !! Here is clip from one of those listed flavors:

Sold in 8 sizes with no minimum size order. Plastic Bottle Sizes are from (55 Gallon Drum), 3,784ml (1 Gallon), 946ml (32oz), 473ml (16oz), 240ml (8oz), 60ml (2oz), 30ml and 10ml. A 60ml Bottle of Flavor Concentrate can make as many as 20 or more Flavored 30ml Bottles. Make up to as many as 300 or more 30 ml bottles with this Concentrate when purchasing a Quart Bottle or 946/ml Bottle.

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Oh I know of them they have several flavors that are actually very good. I just never tried the tobaccos and yes they are syth base.

@Kinnikinnick lol very fitting, but too late I can’t hold back, I got sucked in big time

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Enjoy the ride! Some concentrates you’ll like and others, you may pass on to someone else.

At one time I tried to get OOO to allow the buyer to choose the 10 tobacco flavors they wanted to sample from their entire tobacco inventory… OOO wouldn’t go for that idea. :smirk: … too much trouble on their end to hunt and peck flavors for every customer who ordered a sample pack. Alas, I never ordered a sample pack from OOO.

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Yes I remember reading this actually. I did already order it just to try them. They are small 10ml bottles so no big deal. The sample pack is actually pre packaged in a box already and thats why they dont let you choose the flavors. You can buy anything in 10 ml though.

I do totally understand and I saw quite an attitude on that thread from the person responding. They turned many people off to the company by the looks of it, I wonder what exactly their position is with ooo

Hehe… it was probably someone like… the owner! :laughing:

thats exactly what I was wondering. Do you know if it was?

I haven’t a clue… but, sometimes the owner of a company is the absolute worst face to show the public! I worked for a company where that was the case… every day… for 19 years! The employees of the company would do all they could to keep the boss from interacting with the clients! :smirk:


I do run a lot of OOO flavors but haven’t dived into many tobaccos at all still being somewhat leery of them seeing as how hard it was to get clear of it in the first place.
A ELR member had sent me a couple of another companies Tobacco offerings and after some testing I did get over my fear-preconceptions of the flavoring and now it’s just one more flavor among many to choose from and play with.
Do report back as I’ve looked over OOO bacco pack with some interest.

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