Open-source chipset

Hey, has anyone looked for, or started some open-source project for us to build our own chipsets from scratch? I feel I don’t really want to use any of the major vendors.


Maybe motto completely build a board…but yes, you can build a mod buying all the individual parts…including the boards.

Maybe motto completely build a board


Watch a shit ton of YouTube videos and diy mod kits and watch a bunch of tutorials on other hobby videos to learn more tricks on soldering.

Then forget everything. Join a Facebook or Reddit group and learn everything again. Then maybe start from there.


I had a similar answer but it involved google lol


Me too. But when looking at a lot of the first results worried me because the most reputable sites where not on top of the results. Lol. Hence the read up and watch…then join a group dedicated to modding

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Ah. You mean one like this one?

Sadly we don’t really have a dedicated section. I do have seriously respect for whiterose.

Ok awesome. Thanks!