Opinions on grocery store flavors

What do y’all think about grocery store flavors? The reason I ask is because in Tennessee we have Kroger’s, Publix and Walmart everywhere and I have some flavors from Kroger’s and there are 3 of the flavors I really like. Rum, butter, and coconut. They seem to be super concentrated like fa, inwa and fl. I just wanted to know if anyone else is picking up on this or am I just tasting things.

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I bought the Rum (Rhum) flavor and want to see what it can do. Read the label and all seems legit to use, ie; PG based, etc… Let me know as well if any opinions on this as well.

Very interesting. The only thing I saw at my local Walmart was COLORED LorAnn. Now you have me wanting to go see if there isn’t anything else they might have…

That’s what I did also, mainly because of my curiosity, in case I ever needed a flavor real quick to make up some juice for someone and I had ran out. But I have come to really like those 3 that I mentioned even though all of them seem good just some are stronger than others and the prices are good too, 4oz for like $4.50. let me know what you think of them if you start using them.

As for the rum its a strong flavor I use it in my pina colada at 1%. And we go through alot of pina colada in my house its a adv around here. The only flavor I can think of that you need to watch out for is the vanilla’s cause even though the ingredients look good some of them are heavily colored. I didn’t find out till I got home with them and already opened the bottles.

Do you have a good Pina Colada recipe? I vape at 30/70, pg/vg and 3nicotine(3ml/100ml)-added that as was told to do that per a previous post a long time ago. The one I got is made by Watkins, 2 oz. Was $1.99.

Yes it is coconut milk liquid barn 7% or loranns at 6%, pineapple tfa 2%, vbic tfa 8%, and rum Watkins 1%-1.5%. that is our pina colada very simple but very good from the minute you make it till its gone… If you don’t have coconut milk you can do tfa coconut at 4% and add Vienna cream fa .5% to make up the difference. These 2 together make a good coconut milk :+1:

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Awesomeness and thanx. Can’t wait to try this out. Will report back my findings once done tonight. Am looking forward to making this one as haven’t found the right P-C recipe I like. Thanx again!!!

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