Opinions on Purilum Flavors?

I did a search and only found one testing notes post with some good information. Not a lot of information on this brand yet, and am looking for general feedback, if anyone has any.


I’ve found more flavors from purilum that I like as standalones than from any other brands. They are very nice flavors. Not strong in general, close to tpa. But the accuracy of a lot of the flavors is just fantastic.


Just fyi, here are a few that I I really like as standalones, all around 4-5% (give or take):
Cranberry orange
Strawberry mm cereal
Melon patch (one of the hubby’s current advs)
Fruit loops
Strawberry lemonade


So are you finding the same 6-7% thing happening like Lisa was/is?

And how do you feel about the pricing as a result (overall value considering the percentages)?

As you may be able to guess, haven’t spent much time checking their pricing, as I’ve have FA and FLV on the brain lately… Lol

You’re not the only one who can ninja-edit =P

By any chance do they have boysenberry? Have you tried it?


I think they’re $1.99 for 10ml. Not bad at all IMO. The ones I listed are all good around 4-5%, some of the fruits need to be a little higher (for sa testing), I’ve just been testing all of them at 6%.


I agree, that’s a great price. Have 14 coming to the vape den now…


The thing for me is, you can buy Cap or FA for a quarter or two more, and I typically use those two at 4-5% or so for SF (usually less than that on FA).

I guess I’m just a cheap bastard then…As I don’t consider that a great value if they’re averaging 7% for a single flavor. Lol

Oh wait. I’ve recently bought 15ml FLV bottles for 7.49 to 5.49 each. So I guess I’m not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But those can be used at ultra low percentages!

The thing is TFA and FW are typically expected to be used in that region (on average) but they’re priced accordingly IMO. Which is noticably lower.
I’m just not seeing the value yet, from the limited reviews that are floating about (at least at their current price-points).

I have been avidly watching the info rolling in though.


Which ones did you get?


For me the value isn’t just how strong it is, it’s the ease of use due to the accuracy of the flavors and the ability to use in recipes without too much tweaking needed.


Raspberry, Cereal, Cookie, Banana, Butter Pecan, Boysenberry Preserves, Butter Cream, Vanilla Custard, Strawberry Marshmallow Ceral, Marshmallow, Bavarian Cream, Nilla Wafer with Milk.

Also picked up some FA Black Fire for the S’mores, and testing Flavorah Chocolate Deutsch.


Granted! That’s definitely a good and fair point too!
But those times (flavors rather) are my “exceptions to the rule” flavors. Not the line as a whole which is how most vendors/manufacturers price them, and what I was referring to. (Trying to anyways) lol

That is one aspect of FLV that definitely hacks me off. As it seems they price their more popular (or newer) flavors higher, until the buzz dies down.


The majority of those flavors are right up my alley!
Can’t wait to hear your thoughts as well!

Of those i liked Butter Cream, Butter Pecan and Boysenberry Preserves. The Vanilla Custards, all of the ones i beta tested, tasted like sadness… :frowning:

I didnt get much Nilla Wafer in that one and there are many better Raspberries.

Country Apple was pretty good, it was originally an attempt at a Fuji flavor but the cooked part made it a bit better for dessert mixes.

Of course this is just my opinion, YMMV.


@Sprkslfly Will do. Anyone have any idea (I’ve never tried this brand) on what general %'s ?? Do a lookup PER flavor ??

You might not find a lot of info on them yet, I’d just go 6% across the board for testing.


In regards to finding information I know it may be difficult since they’re relatively a new name to the vaping industry. Please let me know your questions here and I can answer them no problem :slight_smile:


I appreciate it @River_Supply_Co, but sadly all of my questions would be “How does THIS one taste”, “How does THAT one taste”, “Does this one taste more like THIS, or THAT” ??

I will do some more SF testing, thank you.


Currently I’m very, very fond of the Butter Pecan and Country Apple. Anyone wanting to make a vape with cooked apple without having to accept the crust, cinnamon and who knows what else in all those apple pie flavors, this is the one. Country Apple was the secret ingredient for me to make a kick ass Apple Dumpling juice, and while I’m sure some wouldn’t like it, it was the first juice to help my wife give up the smokes. So it has a special place in my heart.

I first heard of the Purilum brand - not from Nicotine River - but from @DarthVapor in this post

So perhaps he did some extensive testing and can chime in. As for me, well I suck at doing the leg work on flavor reviews. Laziness? Could be.


Sounds like a plan @VapeyMama