Opportunity to see a large mixing lab

Hi Everyone!
I’m so excited! I’ve met some pretty awesome people in the vaping community. Tomorrow I am actually going to see a real live mixing lab in a store. The guy owns 9 vape shops and hes a really cool person. I met him awhile back when he worked at the local vape shop and now hes moved on to owning his own shops. Hes willing to let me n my daughter in to get a tour of the mixing lab tomorrow :grin: He also told me if id like to buy 4oz concentrates hed give them to me for his wholesale price!! I’m so excited to check this out and pick his brain for recipes!!! I know he has the boosted recipe, maybe he’ll possibly share it :sunglasses:. I’ll probably share some of the love in the trade section so everyone can get a deal with me :slight_smile:

Ok a couple concentrate questions:
. -how is CAP super sweet compared to FA liquid sweetner?
. -is CAP Bavarian cream just as good as TPA Bavarian cream?


Cant help you on the sweetener choice but i have been doing some mixes with Pyure and have been happy with the results in fruit mixes.

My personal favorite Bavarian Cream is Loranns, it is a bit stronger that TPA, CAP or FW. It is one of (LA) best flavorings.


if i were to choose between the two you mentioned it would be TPA , i personally like FW and need to try Loranns , im not a fan of sucralose its my understanding that the cap SS is sucralose 20pct and others are typically 10

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Twice as strong but otherwise same flavor.

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I think there may be differing thoughts but according to DIYorDIE Sweetener (TPA) is 5% Sucralose and 5% Ethyl Maltol and Super Sweet (CAP) is 10% Sucralose. Look carefully as this article also says Sweetener (FW) is the same recipe as TPA.

You can look at the official The Flavor Apprentice MSDS “saftey” sheet but it lists the actual sweetener(s) as “Trade Secret”

If you look on ELR Flavor list the most popular listing for Sweetener (TPA) displays as “Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA)” which according to the above article would be incorrect.

I personally don’t know, but the differing opinions and accepted facts are clearly clouded by the whole “secret” thing.

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I use Stevia Pyure for sweetening, doesn’t seem to mute flavors or give a weird note, very clean sweetener. Although I don’t use it much really. I use marshmallow or meringue as sweeteners at times. But most are sweet for me already. My favorite Bavarian is also LA. Best I’ve tried. Second place is FW, followed by TFA.

If possible please post pictures, that would be really neat to see the lab :slight_smile:

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@BoDarc after reading your post it made me curious about what I’m vaping. I looked at my bottle closer and its the tfa sweetener. I noticed the DIY or Die article said it was 5% sucralose and 5 % Ethyl Maltol and there seemed to be differing opinions on what the ingredients are. I went to the TFA website and the site says that the TFA sweetener ingredients are propylene glycol, water , and sucralose. It doesn’t say anything about Ethyl Maltol and it doesn’t give the specific sucralose percentage. I’ll contact TFA and ask them what ingredients are in their sweetener just to clarify the differing statements. So far ut seems that the ELR site is correct though. I’ll come back and post what they say.

@MysticRose I haven’t tried any other Bavarian than TFA yet. I was thinking about trying a different one and it was going to be cap but now I’m glad I asked because I’m changing my mind. With the LA BC do u use similar percentages and steep times as TFA?

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Pretty much the same steep, but it is a little stronger than TFA’s. Very slight difference though, so most the time I use the same percentages. If it’s a cream heavy recipe and you are afraid of muting the other flavors, you could probably drop it by 20-25% of TFA’s without it changing too much.

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Awesome! I’m gonna try the LA bav cream. Thanks :blush: ill post pics of the lab soon

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@BoDarc I wanted to let you know that I wrote a note to The Flavor Apprentice and asked them about the sweetener ingredients and he did say there is in fact, sucralose and Ethyl Maltol, in their sweetener. They list it under “other ingredients”. So the I think both the DIY or Die video and the MSDS are correct. I just wanted to follow up and let u know what I found out for a fact.


@Wayne_Walker gets an uptick in the Trust Dept. and you just got nominated for CSI:DIY Lady. Thanks from everyone surely for putting this mystery to bed. Nice work. Maybe @JoJo should edit the Flavor database which reads “Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA)” as the number1 result when adding this flavor to quell future confusion.


The reason I had it listed as sucralose is to differentiate it from EM and for dupe combining purposes. I was seeing a lot of “sucralose tpa.” I will change it back now that I’ve gotten it a little more under control.

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Awesome! I always thought I shoulda went into investigative work instead of nursing lol I’m glad I could help out! Now I just have to figure out how to use it in flavors. I think Ill try it with some fruits and see how that goes. :grin:

Uumm couldya call Kentucky Fried Chicken HQ next? …we won’t tell anybody :mask: