Option for Caffeine entry in recipes

I would like to suggest an additional entry section during recipe creation for recording and calculating caffeine based bases.

I have for example tried to create a recipe with 3mg/ml of nicotine and 5mg/ml of caffeine. My available bases are pure PG, pure VG, 36mg/ml nicotine VG base, 15ml/mg caffeine base with 55/35/10 PG/VG/Water. Currently I am using the crutch of entering the caffeine base as flavors in the PG/VG ratios of the base, see for example this recipe: http://tjek.nu/r/9CY0
It would be great to have an additional option for caffeine bases now that they have become more and more popular in addition to and even as a full replacement for nicotine.

Thanks for a great site and the consideration of my suggestion!


I use PDO (propanediol) which is basically a substitute for PG. I include it in recipes as a flavor. You can add your caffeine base as a “flavor” too. Create a New Recipe and enter your percentages above. Add water as “Distilled Water” (pops up as a flavor you can add to your Flavor Stash) …soo in your new recipe you would have your VG PG listed normally up top, the Distilled Water as a flavor and caffiene. When complete, click the Blue Wrench and choose “Save as a Base”.

That makes this new recipe (base!) now appear as a Flavor in your Stash, which you can add to future recipes …just try it without trying to understand in advance. The ELR calculator will keep track of how much PG/VG/Water is already being added as a base the same way it tallies the PG in your flavorings


Ive heard conflicting things about caffeine, Do you feel like it gives you energy? and did you mean 15mg/ml? I have caffeine anhydrous and would be interested in mixing some up do you feel lie that 15mg/ml is a good number or would you raise it given the chance? just sayin, I like energy :wink:

just kidding I guess you can vape nic then why not caffeine

I would be inerested in this answer too. I got some caffeine ages ago (fw e-caffeine) i dumped 10 ml (after trying various increments in other mixes) into a mix and got no noticable result/

So i have never tried eliquids with caffeine but i do have a pound and a half of pure caffeine powder. I like to make my own caffeinated beverages with flavorings and of course caffeine. BUT, caffeine is not very soluble in water or PG not at room temp anyway.

I took 1 gram caffeine and 9 grams PG, mixed, heated and let cool. It turned into a solid mass. Why 1 gram? Mountain Dew has 65mg/can, avg coffee is 64-280mg/cup. So to feel anything you would want to consume around 65mg at once, a little more or a little less depending on tolerance.

Even just trying to mix 200mg into a 16.9oz bottle of water, cold, wont fully mix. I dont think vaping a couple mg at a time is going to do anything, at all. At this point im just going to buy capsules and make my own pills.

Just my experience, hopes it helps.

PS. Pure caffeine tastes absolutely disgusting…


See thats where I was with it. A dose is around 50mg so youd have to really put down some juice to get anywhere at 15mg/ml. Now Ive got some real juice sucking tanks TFV8… but I couldn’t imagine vaping that amount of juice at once.
I mix mine with coffee some times, It doesn’t mix easily and coffees about all I have that really covers the taste

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I bought some caffeinated juice from a vape shop a while back, and yes, I can tell you, it does indeed give a little kick of energy.
I’ve looked into doing this before and liquid caffeine is readily available, more easily available than I thought it would be. I just never got around to doing it.


1 oz pure powder is just a couple bucks.

Perhaps i have a high tolerance but a couple mg from a vape would do nothing at all for me, i consume anywhere from 500-1000mg/day, 1000mg is pushing into the shakes territory tho…

Make no mistake, I have no idea about what I’m talking about here, but I wonder if being in liquid form rather than powder would make a difference in the amount of mg needed ?

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I dont think so but then again i really dont know. One could try a better carrier liquid like PEG400 but once it hits VG it will solidify in any amount that would make me feel it.

That powder is the purest form one can purchase, there are some chemicals which will makes its solubility in water increase but i wouldnt use them in vaping, Sodium Benzoate would be one of those chemicals.

Personally id love to be able to vape it considering how much of the stuff i consume.

would you be meaning vapor form?

Also I’m curious about since it would be inhaled rather than ingested, if that would make a difference in the amount needed.

Now this is just what i read on reddit a couple years ago but the consensus at the time was that it would be less effective as a vape as it doesnt absorb properly.

Now that could be totally incorrect, my recall of the information, as im a couple one hitters deep into this evenings fun. hehe

A screenshot of the caffeinated blends a local shop sells

Thanks for the info.

A quick google will help out with info, here is an interesting discussion:

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The amount of caffeine is too low to get the kind of energy boost as you would from caffeinated beverages. The actual effect from vaping it is very mild and if you are a regular drinker of coffee or tea you will probably not notice it. What it does is add a little bit of at throat hit and pleasant feel to the taste which would allow you to reduce or remove the nicotine completely, if you are so inclined. For any German readers (or google translators) here is a very well done and documented experiment on diluting and vaping caffeine: https://dampfdruck-presse.de/koffein/
People usually seem to use 50-100% more caffeine than nicotine, so if you’re used to 6mg nic juice you would probably try 9-12mg caf juice if you wanted to quit nicotine.


I’d read up on caffeine several years ago after coming across caffeinated soap. You were supposed to be able to absorb it by using it. From Mr research I found the molecule was too big to absorb through the skin. I’d also read it wasn’t able to take much heat, before breaking down. So caramelized sugar, aka caramel was our, along with burning, and probably vaping.

I even asked my uncle who is a chemical engineer and he agreed. I don’t know if I’m right at all, but I’d assume it’s either psychosomatic or spit back into your mouth.

Again, this read half ass looking around on my part and asking someone who may or may not be full of it (he can be both, at times), LOL

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