Option to use Pre-Mixed Dilutants

As the PG and VG 500ml bottles were much cheaper per ml than the smaller ones, I bought one 100% VG and one 50/50 PG/VG bottle, saving money over buying 750ml of 100% VG and 250ml of 100% PG.

Turns out that there is no eLiqiud Calc (that I can find) that gives you the option of using Pre-Mixed Dilutants, so when I’m trying to recreate recipes it’s adds an extra layer of difficulty because I have to ‘pretend’ I’m using 100% VG and PG then try and calculate on my own how to get to 70/30 VG/PG.

Seems that quite a few other people have also had this problem, as apparently buying Pre-Mixed Dilutants in larger sizes is becoming more and more common.

Would you be able to add an option to select the PG/VG ratio in your dilutants, the same as you would do with Nic Bases and Flavors?

If I’m missing something and there is already a way of doing this please let me know.


I think the first thing to do, is to pre-mix all your vg/pg and nic, work out what % the result is and take it from there. You won’t find any calculator that does pure VG, mixed VG/PG and nicotine separately. Sometimes, saving a few pennies can make life quite a bit harder, making you wish you had just gone for the easy route :wink:
There’s an option in the calculator “use vape-ready nicotine base” that you can check. It will give you the correct dosages at the bottom of the page when you’re creating your recipe, but a little bug won’t let you save your recipe that way. You can save it as Max VG (or whatever else) and edit when you’re going to mix or you can follow one of the other workarounds that have been posted in earlier threads. Just search for premix on the forum and you’ll find a few threads.


Why is that?
Doesn’t seem to be any mathematical reason why it can’t be done.
Seems to be a fairly simple addition that would be appreciated by a large number of people.
Not even considering the economic advantages, it would be worthwhile purely from an environmental point of view.
No point in buying 4 x 250ml bottles when 2 x 500ml bottles will suffice.


If you’re talking about a simple premix (with or without nic), sure but not when you start to use separate VG, PG and premix.

I’ve been mixing since 2016 and in general I don’t see an economic advantage in buying premix. Actually, generally speaking it comes out more expensive than buying your ingredients separately.
I always buy my ingredients separately because it gives me greater control over my DIY liquids. I can mix at whatever ratio I want (different tanks need different ratios and it differs between summer and winter too) and where I buy my ingredients, the separate ingredients cheaper.
Just think about it… premixing requires additional man hours and with different people requiring different ratios, they will never sell as much volume as with the separate ingredients.

1L PG: £4.99 https://vapable.com/product/propylene-glycol-1-litre/
1L VG: £4.99 https://vapable.com/product/vegetable-glycerine-1-litre/
1L mix: £7.99 https://vapable.com/product/vapable-80-20-vg-pg-base-mix-1-litre/


Yeah, there is a work-around method of doing this using the elr calculator, I answered this in your other thread. Is it a perfect method, No, takes a little tweaking, But can be done.


Good advice @anon28032772 , is more costly in the long run, and not a good choice for those not proficient in basic math.


On the most popular site for DIY in Australia, the PG, VG, and premixed are all priced exactly the same. (https://vapoureyes.com.au/collections/popular-stuff/products/flavourless-pg-vg)

Given that they have a finite shelf life I didn’t feel it was worth buying more than 1 Lt total.
I prefer to vape around 70/30 or 80/20 VG/PG. If I were to buy them separately the price would be:

$15 (500ml VG) + $11 (250ml VG) + $11 (250ml PG) = Total $37

Buying one VG and one Premix:

$15 (500ml VG) + $15 (500ml PG/VG) = Total $30

Saving me 23% and sending one less plastic bottle to landfill.

Not so on the website I buy from.
The maths isn’t a problem for me, I just think it should be an option in the calculator, which is why I made this post in the site feedback section.

If you don’t use premix, fine, just ignore the option.
I won’t buy premix next time because it’s just not worth the hassle.

But there is no disadvantage in providing the option for people that were in a similar situation to myself, where there is some (albeit small) advantage to buying premix.


I must be missing something here…

even tho it is a premix… it’s not mixed with nicotine.
you can simply put in the vg and pg amounts… ???


Yeah by premix I mean premixed VG and PG, not containing Nic.
You can’t sell nicotine eJuice in Australia so DIYers here typically buy their Nic from overseas and their dilutants locally.

You can in every section apart from the dilutants.
If I were to add another Nic Base with 50/50 PG/VG and 0% Nic it is just ignored in the calculations entirely.


Yes I am aware of that…

why not settle on a base with one bottle and call it done?
Like 80vg20pg? Instead of blending it even further?

because if you are mixing for both pod and sub ohm… each of those uses different base types…

Pod: 50/50 or even 40vg 60pg

sub ohm can take 70vg 30pg up to 90vg 10pg but you can pick one out of the bunch and win… a 90vg 10pg would be preferred I would think.

then when you are adding in your flavors… most are pg based increasing the pg amounts too…
it all seems like just a headache meshing bottles together.

Just purchase your vg and pg separately to fix your base blends. If it all cost the same… then its a win.


The calculator is a handy tool, pretty much the same calculator on all other sites, I use premix and make it work, you ask the same question in two separate threads, not sure what answers you’re looking for. It is what it is for now, maybe if premix becomes mainstream ( highly unlikely) an online calculator will be available.


Of course you can always opt to buy from another website :slight_smile:
By the way… Vapable offers free international shipping on orders above £100, so if you plan a bit, buy some flavors and base liquid, you’ll get 1L PG and 1L VG for less than what you pay from your most popular site down under.

Just a matter of maths. These fluids have a long shelf life if you store them properly, longer than it takes to vape them. Or you can split an order with vape friends…


In the other thread I was asking if anyone knew a simple workaround or another calc where I could enter premixed dilutant values. I posted that in the general section because it was… general.

In this thread I am not asking for advice, I am making a request that it be added to the calculator on this site. In the site feedback forum, because, obviously, this would be where the site developer would read the posts.

How else should I have done this?

While I do appreciate the replies, I was only addressing this post to the site owner and/or developer. I was assuming everyone else would just ignore it.


You’re free to do so but I think we’re all just trying to explain how to solve your issue without changes to the website. What you’re asking is really something only very few people would see a need for.
Either you buy premix and go 100% for it, or you buy things separately… but most people don’t mix premix and pure liquids in a recipe.


Ok, yeah pretty sure this issue has been brought up many times before, I don’t think the calculator is going to be revamped or changed but who knows? If you need help tweaking the calculator to meet your needs on a recipe, reach out to me and I’m sure I could help with that😎


They use those stupid bottles for their concentrates.
Super Vape Store is cheaper for VG/PG, but for $39/5L or $11/1L. Never had a problem keeping it for about 12 months.

It is a bit silly, but most of the time it works out cheaper to buy concentrates internationally and cop the postage. (still cheaper, just depends if you can wait).


Yeah this was exactly what I did, and what was recommended to me.

I buy my Nic from https://www.vapoureyes.co.nz - their Nic is very clean highly regarded
PG and VG from https://www.vapoureyes.com.au - their sister site so same applies

I bought almost all my favors from the States during the black friday deals, got around 100 or so.
Pretty sure this was the best and most economical way to do it.


Damn, I hadn’t looked here for a while $160 for 500ml. I think the last order I got from LNW worked out to be about $140 for a litre including postage.


Yeah I just buy from them because I know that I’m going to be happy with the taste.
Their in house eLiquid brand had been my ADV before I started DIY.

I don’t want to be stuck with a litre of Nic that tastes like ass
Honestly I’d pay $1000 / ltr if it was quality nic and the alternatives were terrible… still cheaper than smoking here in Australia! And your health is priceless.

Next time I’ll try a small order from LNW and if I like it next time I’ll buy in bulk from them and save a packet.
I’m not married to VapourEyes but it’s only place I’ve bought eJuice from and finished every bottle I bought (and I’ve tried dozens of brands)


I can say you will not go wrong with lnw… :slight_smile:
I suggest them everywhere.