"Order this at VapeCrafter" button on ELR

I’m going to go ahead and open up a discussion about this and I want to know how these members feel about their recipes now being sold by a third-party. @daath I just saw this today and quite frankly, why??

I keep all of my recipes private and I’m glad that I do, especially seeing this button now.

If you go to a recipe and click the blue wrench icon, at the bottom you’ll see a button labeled “Order this at VapeCrafter”. I proceeded to click on this button and it took me to a website where you can input a public recipe on ELR and have that base made for you to DIY with or have that actual juice made for you to vape when you receive it. The bottles range from 5ml for $2.49 to 120ml(4oz) for $39.99. Any PG/VG ratio can be made here, down to the tenth of a percentage.

Great, I get what you’re trying to do here, but I feel like this is completely wrong, just wrong. If someone wants to make a DIY recipe or try one and don’t have the ability to combine those flavors or don’t DIY, they could very well ask a member to try their mix. I am more than happy to send a sample of any of my liquids in a 5ml for FREE!

If I want any of my recipes sold, especially one I have made public for someone else’s use (or simply being nice and making it public because I was nice enough to show someone one of my ADV), I did not expect it to be from the place where we as members solely share recipes between one another for purposes of creating good juices and learning more about DIY… I’m glad that I have kept my recipes private, this will just further my belief that I will never make a recipe public on this site now, which is kind of sad as I have recipes I would love to make public for some people to taste, but not at the expense of it being sold by a third-party. These recipes are for DIY purposes only, not for a money market like every other juice vendor.

Felt like the whole general public of the people who use this site the most should know this and my strong opinion on it. Happy day vaping folks!



I think VapeCrafter is a cool concept. Imagine you found a recipe where you don’t have the ingredients, but you’re unsure if you want to invest in new flavors. Or you’re very busy with work and don’t have time to mix. Whatever the reason, VC will mix any recipe up for you at a pretty good price. I thought this was genius, so I wanted to make it easier for my users to have something mixed. Us being DIY’ers, I knew from the beginning, that it wasn’t something that would be used much, but I thought it would be a very cool feature. That’s why.

I have a link from the public recipes to VC, and that’s it. A link. VC exists even if my link isn’t there, which means everyone can go there, and input any recipe they like (from anywhere, not just ELR) into the VC-website and have them mix it up, so I thought I’d make things a bit easier.

As I wrote, I knew from the beginning that it wasn’t going to be used much. We’re DIY’ers after all. And I was right - I’ve gotten reports from VapeCrafter on the usage of this link, and it’s been used 1-2 times per month I think, maybe less.

Which brings me to a very important point: If you don’t want your recipes spread all over the net, and possibly mixed by some shady person that will sell them online or in their shop, then you should not share them. Anywhere. At all. Ever.

Incidentally. If you have found your ADV and it’s comprised of say 12 different flavors, which are pretty expensive by themselves, you can order a flavor base at VapeCrafter - it costs the same per ml as finished liquid. I doubt you can mix it cheaper yourself. $40 for 120 ml flavor base. I think that’s a pretty good deal, even if they are slow.

In short: I think you’re paranoid and see malice where there is none.


I agree with @daath here, VC is a great service, sadly they don’t deliver to EU…


I’m w uu Lars!!!

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When you think about it it’s kind of a good service. Want to see if you like a pertîcular juice before you buy the ingredients to make it then it could be made for you for a small fee.

Any site like this where you publish your recipes is open to anyone who mixes juice for a shop to plagerise your recipe.



I agree with @daath. There are several delicious sounding receipes by some very talented members who were kind enough to make public, but due to complexity, cost and very limited time on my part, I couldn’t make them.
We have the option to make recipes private, which I feel defeats the overall purpose, IMO.
I understand if your selling your blends, that’s cool, but sharing and giving/receiving input on blends helps newby’s like myself. JMHO.
Also like @SthrnMixer said, be sure and give credit to original blender, just common courtesy.


I gotta say, I agree with @daath also. It isn’t like VC is taking my recipe, making juice with it, and marketing and selling it as their own creation. They just offer a way for people to make cost effective mixes or “try before you buy” type of thing. If I’m not posting public recipes to share them, then why post them at all?

Could it be abused? I guess so, but not any more than posting a public recipe. Technically, I could take something like Tiger’s Blood or Zoochberry, make it, and sell it for a profit. But, I honestly doubt too many people are going to do that. Even if they did with one of my recipes (never going to happen lol), I wouldn’t care. If I’m making and selling a liquid, I’m not going to share the recipe. If I’m not selling it and someone else wants to, have at it. I don’t have the time, experience, or desire to have an e-liquid business. Asking for permission or giving credit would be great, but it isn’t like these things are copyrighted or patented. Heck, look at all the clones there are of vendor juices. This is what we do.

Also, there’s nothing new under the sun. Chances are, whatever recipes I have made, have already been done and are out there somewhere. And if they aren’t, there’s nothing stopping someone from “creating” it themselves. There have been tons of times I’ve said “Man, this would be an awesome recipe!” I go look it up on ELR and it is already there. Either I make my own version or I use someone else’s.

In short, I don’t have a problem with VC. I haven’t used them yet, but I might for something like Zoochberry Cream or Lars’s custard that he loves so much. At least until I have the money to invest in all the flavors to do it myself. Cuz I deserve a decent vape while I’m trying to invent my own wheel…


If it’s public the public will replicate it. I googled one of my recipes just for fun and Yep a shop was making and selling a juice … My juice fat kid 2.0 a beautifully hand crafted juice I sweat ( not really ) my butt off making and hours of trying and testing and tweaking for someone else to make a profit BUT I let it be public so I am not surprised.

Such is life I’m moving on but I Do understand the OP’s opinion and Do respect his view. It boils down to if you like your juice recipes you may as well keep’em private or private message them to your buddies. It will happen again and again.


I dont particularly care. One thing i understand is that when you put something on the internet you cannot get upset that someone else uses it, it is going to happen. I was around long before this version of the internet existed and have seen it happen so many times i couldnt count if i tried. I share the recipes i share because they are simple to make and tasty, my hopes are someone new to DIY, or even veterans of DIY, will enjoy. I dont share often but when i do i understand that anyone can do anything with it.

Hopefully daath makes some money off this, im sure this site isnt cheap to run and i dont know if he runs adverts on it. Sorry daath i run uBlock, everywhere no exceptions. So if he can make a little money to keep the site running im all for it.

As an aside, add a Doge or BT donation to the site. I dont deal with CC’s are PP.


They deliver to me in the UK. Shipping is not cheap, but if you are ordering 60ml or more it works out cheaper than buying premium blends from within the UK. 120ml works out as a bargain for me.