Ordered some flavours!

With money a bit tight just now(currently unemployed!)
I took the plunge and ordered some extra flavours!
Something I was resisting but the urge became overwhelming! Lol
Anyway the flavours I have ordered are based on some reviews from here so I hope they won’t disappoint?

Flavorah Vanilla Custard
Flavorah Milk and Honey
Flavorah Chocolate Deutsch
Inawera Vanilla Shisha
TFA Brown Sugar
FA Custard
FA White Peach
FA Vanilla Classic
FA Kiwi
FA Passion Fruit
FA Nonnas Cake

There are quite a few more I would have loved to try but they will have to go on the back burner for the time being!

Would love your thoughts on these flavours.


From what I can tell, you ordered nothing but great stuff :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks @daath
Especially looking forward to the Flavorah concentrates as I have never tried any as of yet?

Chewy Where did you get the Nonna’s cake from ? Looks like you’ll have A LOT of fun coming your way I love all those flavors.

Got the Nonnas cake from FA uk.

My head is turning in anticipation of the mail arriving.
Lots of ideas I am bursting to try! Lol

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Ok ! I’ve been checking ECX almost daily as I hear tell they’re getting it in. So I’ll behave and wait just a tad bit more b4 I go buying it over seas ! Thank you.

But I do want the Cornish cream tea FA and idk if ECX will get that one too I sure hope so.

Hopefully it won’t be long and you can get down to trying it?
I’m hoping to try and emulate a good Victoria sponge cake?
Rich buttery sponge with a sweet strawberry jam filling coupled with a rich lightly whipped cream and topped with icing sugar! Hmmmmmmm!
Would go great with a good cup of tea!
The Cornish Cream Tea sounds tasty!
Haven’t been disappointed with any FA flavour so far?

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