Ordering some NF...what do you recommend?

hey @Plunderdrum you may be able to help…I’m ordering some NF and was hoping for some input. More on a mint/fruit kick these days. bakeries don’t do it for me apparently.

So far I’m getting:
Organic Peppermint
Organic Candy Cane (know this is good0
Organic Orange Mango Passion
Organic Fruit Punch
Organic Mango



I just got some wild cherry with stevia. I don’t see any recipes with it or tart cherry in them. They’re both CAP flavors.

I don’t even know what fruit flavor would go with them?

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Other than the Candy Cane, I’ve only tried the Mango on this list. It’s very potent and natural. Just a few drops (especially added to another Mango) is nice to add a very authentic brightness and some peel twang, if that makes sense. Might solo test at a couple drops in 15ml and work up.

Not on your list recommendations:

Their Strawberry is awesome, and much more forgiving than their ultra potent flavors. 1.5%-3%

Blueberry is very real, keeping under 0.5% until you feel like building

Tangerine is fairly forgiving, 0.5-1.5%

Their Honeydew & Cantaloupe are both awesome. 1% is great in mixes

Cider is great, too. 1-2%

Hope this helps!

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Here’s a little snapshot of the recipe side; shows # of recipes made with some the more popular concentrates. :grinning: