Organizing notes - scribble disease

The necessity of note taking is close to unarguable, but being a person who’s learning by writing, this mess has got to end here!

I write notes on my singel tests under each flavor in my flavor stash. Notes on my recipes goes, well, under each recipe. Obviously. When I find gems I want to keep for later searching the ELR, I give it a heart or keep a link in my browser (where I have a label for the most common flavors like strawberry, banana, caramel and so on). A lot of good information hides in the forum posts - some I take a screenshot of with my iPad, some I write down on my phone, and some I scribble in a note book. (I have bought a big note book for this, but I haven’t gotten around to inaugurate it yet…) I find a sentence here, a recipe there, a new flavor to check out here, a good practical tip there. :open_mouth:

The problem is this: All the little bits and pieces of information I find when I research and learn is already everywhere. How do you organize your note taking so you easily find what you’re looking for when you need it? Feel free to be as specific as you like.

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I use MS Word. I have a folder called Vaping with subfolders for vendors/manufacturers,
vague ideas
recipe ideas
recipes in progress
retired recipes
stolen recipes
upcoming sales
shopping lists and finally
Most of it goes into the vaping folder and then refiled later. If it’s something real important I will put it in several folders and in all caps that tells me it’s a duplicate somewhere.

I’m finally beyond paper notes except when working a new recipe and of course the disk and hard copies of all my recipes


That seems like a nice and tidy way to organize it. Looks like I can create folders in Pages also, as I most often use my iPad (due to laziness and laying on the couch and all).


Thank you for contributing to less mess!

MS one note is the bomb for this kind of thing. And you can sync it to cloud so available on all devices too.

You can bookmark the forum posts you find interesting. Click on the 3 little dots next to reply for more options, you can easily find everything you’ve bookmarked in your profile.


I don’t have that, and haven’t heard of it actually - thank you for bringing it to my attention, will look it up for sure. :0)

Aha, that will be a useful feature! I had no idea! Thanks a lot.

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I use Microsoft Excel, and save it to their OneDrive service in the cloud so I can get to it on my phone, tablet, and in work.

I have numerous tabs

  • Flavor Profiles: A short description of DIY and commercial juices I have
  • Flavor Tracking: I list the mod, tank, coil, date and juice, then record my 1- or 2-sentence opinion/notes about the flavor (and coil/tank when appropriate), things I’d change for the next batch, and rate the flavor 1-5 for both flavor quality and strength.
    Inventory - List of DIY I have, with date made so I know when it might be done aging
    Stuff To Buy - A list of flavors I need to order, along with other stuff like PG, VG, bottles, etc
    To Make: Recipes that I need to make the next time I sit down to do DIY

I love my Flavor Tracking tab the most. Its interesting to filter it to a single flavor, and read my notes on how flavors progress through the aging process. So far I have 515 entries running the length of my 4-month-long foray into DIY.

515 entries in four months?! I see I’m not the only scribbler. :smile: The inventory tab is clever, I need that one.

I can see myself manage to put something in this category, lol. Thank you, @Scottes777, for sharing your organizing skills with me, great stuff!

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I don’t write anything down anymore. So many of my notes are in private recipes on this site now. If it went away I’d be hosed. I should probably take this opportunity to download a backup of my stuff from the Export To CSV function buried on this page

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I have actually seen this feature, but forgotten all about it - thanks for reminding me! At the beginning I thougt I’d only keep my notes at the ELR, but then all the what if’s found its way. You know, like what if an astroid hits the earth kind of what ifs, lol. You never know what can happen to information you’ve stored on the Internet only. You do that back up before that astroid hits… :smile:

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How would you feel about having a place to dump useful info with a specific tag that could then be formatted into a readable format online?

Example: This flavour and that flavour work really well together.
Tag: flavour combos

It would be possible to add print / export etc

If it would make some order in my mess it could be useful. But I guess it feels safer to store some of the information offline. Have a great weekend! :sunny:

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I mean as well as keeping offline, it could be dumped into a website for example and organised / formatted by someone (me) for all to use?

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You’ll get thumbs up from me. It could also be nice to have a page for scribbling notes at “My page” on ELR.

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I’m new to DIY … have spent the past week reading everything I can and watching YouTube videos … and scribbling LOTS of notes. I’ve already filled a spiral notebook … you guys have some great ideas to organize all my crazy thoughts. My husband has been mixing for about 4-5 months so we have a decent flavor stash already, but my list of “flavors I want” has gotten quite large.


I use one note

Wow, its either really huge or you have tiny handwriting… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Steve-o_54…ya know the funny thing is…I use One note for grocery shopping and all kinds of other things, never thought to use it for this. *Doh

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lol that’s funny