Original rx200

hello , with all the recent versions of the rx out now (rx200,rx 200s ,rx2/3,rxmini and rx300) i was wondering if anyone was still using there original rx200, i’ve had mine since they came out and it’s still alive it’s survived multiple drops onto concrete , water damage , fallen in the snow , lots of dust from work , the battery sled is a bit broke and her color has changed but it still hits like my drunk my father at my sisters wedding , took all its updates and every atty i had sat down flush with none of these “510 issues” . in my humble opinion the OG rx200 is the only one worth purchasing in the family , does anyone really need a four battery 300watt mod probably soon to have a upgrade for 350watts ? :v:


still have mine and it taken a beating lol still work perfect

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My Son now has mine but very similar story for mine as well. It has been a truly rock solid and reliable mod and has never failed either one of us no matter what was thrown at it.

good to hear others are still enjoying the original and passing the torch on , i feel like everyone wants a bigger ,brighter screen with colors and touch screens , personally i prefer a tiny screen or no screen like on my invader 3