Original VZ Coffee

Does anyone remember the original coffee flavor from VZ, from 3 or 4 years ago? It was the only coffee flavor I ever found that I liked, and it was excellent.

I ordered a 30ml bottle of it last year and it was HORRIBLE… nothing like I remembered at all. When I asked VZ about it, they said the supplier had changed the formula and it is what it is.

Just wondering if there is another flavor out there like the original VZ SC coffee. I’ve tried all the common ones mentioned here, and have yet to find anything close.

Or… how can we get a million signatures or so to get the Chinese to revert back to the good stuff? :grin:

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Make coffee great again! :grin:

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Let’s stick my neck out. I have never tried the VZ flavours, but I believe they are alcohol-extracted… So you might have more luck with Nature’s Flavors or Medicine Flower, if you haven’t tried them already? That said, I heard that the latter’s coffee flavour tastes ghastly before being steeped for 4 weeks , so if you go with that, don’t taste it prematurely!

Back from the dead…

I finally found a coffee I like! Arabica Coffee - VT from Bull City.

This stuff is excellent right out of the bottle. First “real” coffee flavor I’ve found (out of MANY) since the original VZ coffee formula that got changed to the current nasty, banana… whatever it is.


@jay210 have you tried MF coffee? I’ve wondered about that but not sure if a good vendor coffee base exists…


Nope. not yet. Sorry. Am gonna try NF coffee first, And gonna slow down in purchasing now, cos of huge backlog of projected SF tests, so don’t hold your breath!

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Yes I’d like to hear your opinion on NF, especially since you mix full vg. 64 flavors is a lot to test, let’s not have mf :coffee: ruin it :wink:

NF is more affordable for me in comparison to MF. I’m so selfish lol.

Edit: to the OP, I heard good things about stixx mix coffees, maybe worth looking into, for you as well.