Other Hobbies?

So I work with paracord. @TheTinMan1 can vouch for that. Here is some of my works.

What are your other hobbies?


i fly drones and helicopters most are rtf but ill be doing my first build from scratch this summer btw love the helis more than the drone type


My next adventure is Bushcraft. I am really interested in that idea of self reliance.


I roast coffee as a hobby


Precision rifle and pistol ammunition reloading.


I seem to spend most of my waking minutes chasing $ but when I am not I play with horses, and build the house (i need to treat it less like a hobby my argument is it is a big place lol) which I started 10 years ago but still isnt finished much to the disdain of she who summons fire with neither tinder nor flint.


This ^^^ is my “other” hobby!!!


I have a 3rd degree black belt in eating. And I’m an unpublished author of poems and short stories.


I do a lot of reading when I have the time… Which is very scarce since my kids are still little ones lol one going on 6 and the other 2 1\2… More recently when I’m not trying to mix a flavor or build a coil I’m on here talking to people from this great community I am proud to be a member of… Maybe when the kids get older I can find time to get into something else… Probably not lol I will just have more time for mixing :smile: then again it might be gymnastics or ball games or some other activity the kids want to participate in… Oh well, they deserve my love attention and suport First


I used to write poetry but only when depressed. Haven’t written in years, I’m happy to say.

Now I just read, and read.

and read.


Looks awesome and I would think there are some transferable skills for knotting up a coil, huh? That’s really cool, so much handy application and I bet it has that great meditative, soothing thing whilst your submerged into it. Awesome. good on you.

People may have seen, I race RC cars on the weekends. Great hobby, uses your mind for car setup, skill for driving. A bit of exercise, marshalling the cars. Most importantly the rush factor. Oh yes and like vaping it has the I got to have the latest and greatest gear factor. We which is cool because the engineering is fantastic.

My short course truck in my racing livery

I only started 15 months ago after my body could not cope with Aussie rules football (snapped fibula near my left elbow) & cricket. When I started I finished like 46th in the state titles. To late last year I hot a 4th and won my first event 2 weeks ago, which also gives me an invite to a special race against the best in Australia. so very pleased.

The RC community is the most helpful & supportive I’ve ever been part of. They have to be as we keep the hobby going ourselves. Building and running tracks, etc.

My buggies - 2wd on the left, 4wd on the tight - electric power 10th scale

Not only that it’s brought me closer to my Dad. He likes to come down and Pit for me, I mean hang out and he has even bought and built his own buggy. this is great as I didn’t see him as a kid and up. You know divorce and that. But it’s something we do together.

If your looking for a hobby/sport as you get older that is heaps better then bowling or those other sports old men get into this is great. Will put a huge grin on your face.

My cars in action. So much fun. Takes up most of my spare time. I also love cooking but that’s easy to fit in. You got to feed yourself.

Love to see what y’all are up to.


I do a lot of bracelets myself. Very relaxing to get my mind into tying them and tune out the rest of the world with some good music playing. .


My only other hobby is music. I play piano, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and a little bit of dobro. I think all my creativity was taken up with that and that’s why I can’t mix for shit or do anything else creative lol


Mine is mediocrely painting tabletop war game miniatures.

Also some terrain and dioramas using Hirst Arts molds with the war game miniatures…


I decorate people


Please enclose some of the pictures 'cause you do it so beautifully


In the morning :slight_smile:
and thanks for the lovely compliment


NOTHING Mediocre about that !!!
in fact those are rather excellent !


I paint warhammer my self as well. I have not painted in some time. I love it.


Whilst busy making coils today, I also decided to have some caramelised pork belly with pickled cucumber, spring onion(shallots) Hoisin sauce on crusty white rolls for dinner. One of my favourite recipes. Mmmm, going to be nice. No wait going to be exceptional.