Other uses for old flavorings

Posted this to Reddit thought i would share it here as well:

I have a bunch of MBV flavorings that i havent used in a year or so. I decided to find another use for them and after some thinking, and being tired of spending money on plugins, i decided to trial some on the air filter in the furnace. A few drops on the filter and the house now smells of strawberries and the wife can stop buying Glade Plugins.

Ive now used the flavorings in beverages (milk, water, soda, coffee, tea), yogurt, baking and making the house smell great.


Great idea

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Sometimes I use flavourings as intended: adding to food and drinks.


I put some orange oil from LA in my hand soap smelled amazing. That’s a good idea for the furnace. I wonder if it would work in my scenty … Melts scented wax…y not right !


Ice cream if you have a machine, or use the 5 minute method that a redditor mentions here - Also a Sodastream maker for fizzy flavored water :smile:


Ice cream is an excellent idea, i gave some of my flavorings to my brother in law for just this purpose. I wanted to give it a try myself but i have a hand crank ice cream maker and bad carpel tunnel so it aint happening, hehe.

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So im bumping this thread as i have been using lots of flavorings for other uses.

This year my Naner Puddin was made with vanilla pudding and Banana Cream (LA).

Recently it became humidifier time as winter punched us in the face. I was thinking that since i use additives such as camphor i thought why not try some flavorings that i dont use.

It was a great idea, a lot of pluggins are just over powering to me, i also get used to them quickly. I dropped a bit of flavoring in the tank, filled it and put it on the vaporizer. Got to be careful what kind of flavoring you use in this application because the tanks are usually some type of plastic.

One of the main reasons that i am bumping this is @SthrnMixer’s thread on old flavorings. Dont tossem, they cant still be useful.


I’m planning to make some Starbucks-style coffee flavourings with a few of mine: simple syrup and flavouring. Easy and much cheaper!

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Cook some carrots in butter, the carotene in them love oils. A few drops of orange and/or mandarin and a beautiful side with your dinner.

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I ran out of Lime juice for a meal and ran grabbed my FLV lime and squeezed it in the pan and voila tasted great !


Are we talking old flavor concentrates?

Because whenever I have tried this, whether in food or a drink, it has turned out horrible!

I assume it was the PG making it taste nasty, but are we talking about these applications with PG flavorings or extracts?


PG is slightly sweet no real flavour. I suspect you may have overdosed. Then again it could have interacted with whatever your doing.

It’s definitely doable, maybe test in a glass of water before hand so you have an idea of strength and appropriateness.

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Very possible, I kinda just threw it in.

Just tasted plain PG (As I have started just now using it, tired of max VG, need more taste) and I am very surprised! It is sweet! Has a tiny bit of spice/ bite to my senses but not as bad as when I mixed it with a drink.

PG from Bull City

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