Our one and own SmokyBlue is getting out of the DIY game

@SmokyBlue has made it official, and she’s getting out of DIY’ing, and possibly vaping. Some newer members here may not know who she is, but anyone who’s been here for awhile, or especially anyone who loves Flavorah flavors, knows who she was. For years, she rapidly became the @Flavorah flavor expert, and ended up using only that flavor brand. She was a powerhouse FLV mixer, and flavorologist to say the least, and I can’t think of anyone who knew FLV flavors better than she did.

Due to some past issues, she moved on from ELR, but luckily for everyone here, all of her recipes are here, and there’s a LOT of them.

SmokyBlue’s Recipes on ELR

Now many others of you probably remember that Smoky and I used to get into HEATED debates, about everything under the sun, from scale resolutions, to her use of only one brand of flavors, to even her style of mixing by drops (I used numerous brands, and mixed by weight). The debates seemed to go on forever, AND, they got heated. Now the funny thing is, we became VERY good friends.

Some of the BEST times I had with her, was when she’d call me during the day, and I was hosting a call with co-workers, none of whom mixed, or DIY’ed, and I’d add her in to the call. ABSOLUTE shit show fun. If you wanted to see crazy, having me and Smoky in the same conference call at the same time, was IT.

Despite my strong desire(s) to use any brand of flavors I wanted to, or only mixing by weight, and our difference of opinions, I came to really respect her skill, mixing prowess, and utterly stunning amount of knowledge about FLV flavors.

With all of that said, I strongly believe that I was better for knowing Smoky, and I was glad I/we got past our heated “debates”, and both of us, started talking, here, on the phone, etc., and it was a great thing.

She still has tons of information available from mixing tips, flavors, usage rates, and a lot more available, and just because she’s getting out of the game, doesn’t mean she didn’t have a huge impact on the community.

Flv fan site http://flvfan.com/

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I think anybody that knows SmokyBlue would say the exact same thing :sunglasses:


Her influence on playing with Flavorah cannot be overstated: When I approach an FLV I haven’t used before, I’ll have a look at how she used them in order to get a feel for their range.


My Parents taught me if i have nothing nice to say I shouldnt say anything at all…Since i have started already ill just stop and Say buh bye


I am really sad to hear that Smoky is vanishing from the vaping world! Before I even dipped my toe into the vaping world 2 years ago, I was a Djarum Clove smoker for many years until O’bummer placed a ban on cloves, forcing me to buy overseas, then Covid came along and shut down my supply line, leaving me, desperately, to turn to other measures. After extensive research, I found a way to flavor my own tobacco to taste similar to my beloved cloves. I was a 1 pack minimum a day clove smoker, so I went and bought myself a Powermatic 3, but it didn’t take long for my new and outrageously expensive machine to jam up on me, due to the flavorings I “sprayed” on the loose tobacco. The spray flavoring juices still tasted too weak for me, so I started using essential oils to flavor my tobacco and dang, it was GOOD and almost tasted exactly like my beloved cloves. I continued my research and stumbled on articles about vaping and found “Smoky Blue’s Djarum Tobacco” recipe. *Note, I still wasn’t a vaper yet, but after finding Smokey’s recipe, I consulted her about my use of essential oils on my loose tobacco and boy did I ever get a wake up lesson on the dangers of smoking oils!!! Only then did I turn to my local vape store and bought Kretek/Clove juices. It still didn’t satisfy my needs, but hey as a brand new, noob vapor, I’ve graduated a long way now from vape “pens”, LOL! (Reminds me of the outhouse, rotary phone and dial up modem days).
Sorry for the long, winded story here, but Smokey gave me the necessary keys to venture out into the vaping world and to give up cloves for good. I don’t even care for clove e-juice anymore, and that is the beauty of this forum, there is indeed, a whole 'nother world out there of a multitude of delicious flavors and the knowledge that comes with it!
So Cheers to Smokey and the lasting impact she has imparted on all of us noobs out there! I wish Smokey the best of luck, and many many thanks for getting me off the stinkies!


Ya’ll acting like she died or something.


Hehe, not died @Chef_Johnny just trying to give her some credit for all that she did, and gave to the community. She may have limited herself to Flavorah, but in that realm she really was THE expert.


And she also gave me advice on using FLV flavors properly. Always willing to help.
Going to miss her posts


This is an awesome thing. I’m almost out myself and being able to look through recipes that you know are going to be good. Even if I don’t like it personally I can tell its quality.

The only issue I have is my measurements. My scale sucks, it can’t pick up the weight of two drops and with her recipes, I am sure there is very little room for error. Any suggestions?


What scale you using @Dan_the_Man ?


A cheap no-name scale from Timbuktu


Buy a dummy .001g scale. I got mine for under 5$ with shipping included couple of years ago and i wouldn’t change it for any .01g scale. It works like a charm with my usual 5-10ml mixing attempts which would be impossible with .01g scale.



Try doing the heavy parts of your mix first (VG/PG/nicotine). Then add your flavors. I have issues with measurement till the end of the mix where it is more sensitive to drops.


@Dan_the_Man, @rcleven is SPOT ON here.

I only use the LB-501 scale, which is a 0.01g resolution scale with a 500g top end.

It’s pretty good picking up on .02g drops, but sometimes, when it’s tare’d or on zero it doesn’t always. Like @rcleven said, if you’ve got SUPER small amounts to add, have ANOTHER ingredient already on the scale weight, DON’T tare it, and add the SUPER SMALL amount of FLV and the scale should pick it up right away.


A man after my own heart. I will definitely check that out. Thanks man!

I honestly can’t afford anything extra. I am only glad I have everything I need to vape. I can’t even afford the 5 dollar one unless shipping is also affordable but I will use this trick;

that’s a good idea. I will use that technique for now but in the meantime I am using drops… :grimacing: