Out of business?

Looks like http://www.ecigavenue.com/ is going out. They are liquidating ALL of their products and it looks like they are 98% sold out of everything. I haven’t heard that they are officially going out of business, but what else could it be? What a shame.

I noticed that, too. It’s a shame. And I think it’s going to be happening a lot more. :disappointed:

Yes it will. It’s going to get bad for us. Very very bad.

I cannot like any of these posts so here we go :-1::-1::-1:
They’re having a 70% discount sale on everything but it doesn’t say anything about going out of business. Let’s hope it is just a sale :pensive:


It says liquidation sale…usually that’s not a good sign. :disappointed:

Darn, you’re right, no that’s not good :unamused:

Too much liability. Good thing we know how to do this ourselves.

We do have that…for now. The noose will get tighter and prices will get higher.

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What I see coming is those of us who know how to do this will be very busy teaching others who do not know how to do it. I see DYI akin to Marijuana growing. They have legalized it in a lot of places because they aren’t going to be able to do much about people using it and cops don’t have time to be screwing around with this stuff. This is all Tobacco company control. My worse case scenario is the lack of nicotine use.