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Outgoing FDA commissioner warns strict action may need to be taken on vaping



Did you notice he said " take these pod type off the market " and im sure the smaller juul type devices are a big attraction to younger crowd…



Greetings, I see the main concern is youth increase in usage of said products. People are not caring if they sell to under aged people. How about enforcing the laws that exist? “You must be this tall to ride” in a theme park then why can’t they ask for ID when selling this product?
As one who was addicted for over 47 years, yea, keep the kids out. Addiction is addiction. Just ask someone who’s not had their coffee in the morning.



More crap biased fake studies to promote the bullshit agenda of people who think they know what’s best for all us. Drop dead



It is really simple. There are stores that ID everyone to buy cigs and Sudafed and cough medicines. Just I’d everyone for vape stuff too.

Yes it would suck for adults but if everyone I’d then that would cut the young vaping a lot.