Outstanding DIY Companies and a review

Hey there my friends, I wanted to take the time to brag on a couple of businesses. I will post what I said in a video review on the Jester RBA.


I ordered nicotine from @LiquidNicotineW and 5 gallons of VG from @Nicotine_River. They were slated to arrive on the same day using FedEx as the shipper. The packages never came even though FedEx showed that they were delivered.

I started by calling @LiquidNicotineW and I must say, I was ready for a small battle. A small disagreement if you will. Anyway, someone answered and I told them what happened and without any hesitation, at all, they sent another package. They told me " oh, that always happens with FedEx"

I got the same exact response from @Nicotine_River.

Both companies were Top Notch and sent the packages again. However, @LiquidNicotineW sent it overnight and I got the contents the very next day and that made me very happy and it made them a loyal customer for life. Not only that but I will be sure to tell all my DIY friends about it. As for @Nicotine_River, they made a customer out of me not long ago and this little incident merely cemented the fact.

@LiquidNicotineW and @Nicotine_River Thank you very much for the service you provide for us and the fact that you go over and beyond good customer service. You actually love the vape community and it shows!!!


Time Stamps: River Supply - 1:51 LNW - 3:48 Build - 5:00 Glow Coils - 9:30 wick - 12:18


Outstanding @Dan_the_Man. I mean it’s kind of scary (especially when dealing with nicotine),

but very glad they stepped up and made it right.


Just out of curiosity, did you ask them what “that always happens…” means?


LOL that’s what I was thinking @natbone. “Look, we’re just the manufacturers, we provide quality product, screen our sales to make sure we’re selling to adults, etc., but man, these freekin’ shippers !!! Where did the 250mg NIC end up ?? Check with FedEx”.



It reminds me of customs here. When I first started vaping I had a few things grabbed by them. They told me they were returned to the sender but the senders said they never got them back. I wonder where they ended up? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In a Custom(s) recipe of course… :wink:


Lol. For awhile I was on the lookout for anyone with the mods I had ordered. If I had seen anyone, I would have asked where they got it from.


Yes, I sure did. They said that FedEx is in the habit of loosing packages, like A LOT!


I’ve been lucky with them. Every package I order from Amazon comes via FedEx, over 7000 miles, and they’ve all arrived. It must be those American trucks.


Ya, it’s the little trucks that take it to the customer for sure. I doubt it’s the 18 wheelers.


Ok, i’ll throw in my 2 cents worth,

If your from Canada, IMHO the best DIY supplier is DIY Flavors from Abbotsford,BC. Great service, fast free shipping (if $100+) and awesome customer support! I live in Quebec and it takes 4 to 5 days for a delivery through Canada Post. diy-ejuice.com give them a try!

There, 2 cents well spent!


I am comparatively new to DIY but i can also say only very positive things about both LNW & River.


Well I just ordered 3 gal Vg, and a gal of Pg for my first order. Just barely got the minimum cost for free shipping. I didn’t even look for a coupon code or anything.
Liquid barn has been sold out of Vg gallons for weeks and I needed to make a move. It’s for storage, so I hope it’s good quality stuff. Prolly wont need it for over two years from now. It will be in a temp controlled environment.


If stored properly, which it sounds like you are, both PG and VG will last quite a long time so I think your good bro. I remember my first GlyCube (four gallons) lasted two years and I orderd two 2.5 Gallon jugs from NicRiv which will last for a good long while. I don’t go through a lot and only sell to a couple people. Also, a Liter of 250mg Nic.