Over 100,000 recipes , which ones are good?

there are way to many recipes here , some seem ridiculous
some might be good , but have so many ingredients that it is hard to tell
maybe we need a another category where you are only allowed to post your top 2 recipes
i dont know the answer but maybe some suggestions?


If you look around, there are a couple threads here already. What are you vaping/mixing today? How about a threesome? How about a quartet? and some other threads alike…

But really, what is good is very subjective. And a lot of the highly rated recipes may be good on some equipment and be terrible on other… You may think a recipe sucks while it’s an ADV for me, or the other way around.
When you get a little experience with DIY and you get to know your flavors, you’ll be able to judge a juice’s goodness even before you make it.


Some may seem ridiculous to you…

Like this one may seem ridiculous

But me and friends like this one…

As they say taste is subjective…

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That name is a cruel cruel joke lmao Snozzberry


Depends on your flavor profile interest, there are juices were its an exact replica of its food counterpart. if you don’t like say…kiwi as a real fruit, you won’t like kiwi as a vape flavor. think of stuff you like eating/drinking/flavoring and viola.

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Hmm, haven’t really noticed :smirk:


That’s not necessarily true, I love eating kiwis, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and the likes but I hate vaping it. Now I’ve never tried it but I’m sure I don’t like eating tobacco…:thinking: :laughing:

comprehension was expected a bit here, if someone is looking for a flavor for vaping, usually you ask "what kind of flavors do you enjoy in …Cig/candy/dessert/cereal, or etc, at least for me. I try to associate flavors to flavors they already know and like, to make it a good transition, but that’s usually for first time vapers.